Blog Posts to Write When You Don’t Know What to Write

Hello everyone!! Long time no blogging, once again. I literally had to push myself to sit down and write a blog post because I kept procrastinating.

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to give you guys (and myself, honestly) a list of bookish blog posts to write when you’re not feeling particularly inspired. I know this often happens to me and I decided: why not? So here we go!

  1. Talk about your favorite/least favorite books–This is one of my most favorite topics. Gushing/ranting is so so fun.
  2. What books are being released that you can’t contain your excitement about?
  3. Discuss your rating and reviewing. What do you look for in a book?
  4. Favorite characters/OTPs/villains…anything really.
  5. Most annoying pet peeves (can be bookish or non-bookish, really)
  6. Been to any signings or events? Tell me about your experience!
  7. Book tags–these are always SO great. Honestly, just go search online and you’ll find a million. They’re so fun and take a unique twist on things.
  8. What got you into reading?
  9. Childhood books/books that bring back nostalgia
  10. Best/Worst book covers
  11. Underrated books more people should hear about
  12. Overrated books that you’re sick of hearing about
  13. If you like X, then you should read X!
  14. Reviews that are written in unconventional ways
  15. Favorite genre and why?
  16. Like any fan art? Do you have any recommendations?
  17. Diverse book recommendations/why diversity is so important
  18. What would be the recipe for the perfect book?
  19. Books that made you cry/laugh/feel any emotion
  20. Write a list! Like this one 😉 They’re fun to write and usually don’t take up as much as time as other posts.

Anyway, I know this was one of my lower-quality posts, but it got me more excited to write future posts so yay! I hope this helps some of you and I’d love to talk about posts that you like writing/would like to see.

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Susan Dennard & Jodi Meadows Book Signing!

Hello everyone! As per usual, first off: sorry for not posting for two weeks. I got so caught up in school work, blah blah blah. That aside, yesterday (surprise, surprise!)–on a school night–I actually went out to a book signing! I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to make it but I ended up going and it was the most wonderful experience.

The Authors & Their Books

If you don’t know, Susan Dennard is the author of Truthwitch and the Something Strange and Deadly trilogy. I never actually read SS&D, but last year when I read Truthwitch–don’t know how much I actually talked about it–I LOVED it. It was one of my favorite books of the year, although I think I forgot to review it.

Image result for truthwitch

Image result for susan dennard

Susan Dennard!!

Jodi Meadows is also the author of multiple books, but the book I got signed was My Lady Jane, which she co-wrote with Cynthia Hand and Brodi Ashton. I’m so excited to read it and Jodi was so nice!

Image result for my lady jane

Image result for jodi meadows author

The Event Itself

The event was located in a small indie (but ADORABLE) bookstore called One More Page Books, which I would 20/10 recommend if you live in the D.C. area. The staff was super nice and because there weren’t a lot of people, the event was really casual and fun. Susan and Jodi talked about their books but also a lot about their lives, depending on what questions were asked.

One thing I learned was that Susan is a HUGE science-lover. She gushed about how much she loved science and I thought it was super cool because she is the first person I met that loves both science and creative writing/fiction. (Like me!) I made sure to tell her this later haha.

Meeting The Authors

Because I hadn’t yet read My Lady Jane yet, I just told Jodi how excited I was and I got a picture with her, which I don’t have right now. She was super sweet and gave me some bookmarks and things which I also love.

When I met Susan, I first told her how I related to her because I love STEM and books, too. She asked me what I was doing in STEM right now and I told her I go to a STEM school which she was like, “YEA! Go women in STEM!” and I felt so special. ❤ She then asked me what my name meant and she thought it was cool so she said I might steal your name (she actually took the post it note with my name on it) and use it as a character name. (I really hope she does!)

Then we talked a bit more and I got a picture with Susan as well, plus a pin and a bookmark. So in total, I got three books signed (Truthwitch/Windwitch/My Lady Jane) and this was honestly one of the best signing experiences I’ve ever had. It was so cozy and made me full with happiness. 🙂 I haven’t yet taken photos of the books, but if you all are interested in seeing how the signed copies look, I can update this post and add them!

Anyway, that’s it for this post! I hope you enjoyed reading about my experience. I know I certainly had a great time. 🙂

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Hi everyone!! Today I am writing a post that I consider pretty important, (obviously because of the title), because this blog turns TWO today!

Two years ago today, I created this blog, advertised it, posted my first post, designed it, and now here I am, still blogging. Although many things have changed since two years, one thing that has remained constant in my life is blogging. Sure, I might not be able to blog as much as I did (as an 8th grader I had a lot of time haha), but I’m still here and I’m still active.

Throughout the course of these two years, blogging helped me get through some pretty tough times. Whenever I needed an outlet to de-stress I’d come here and talk about it. I made a lot of friends that I still talk to and discovered so many new books. For two years, blogging has been such an essential part of my life and I hope I never stop blogging.

And so, I wanted to make this post kind of to reflect on two years. Throughout two years, I posted 212 posts, 213 including this one. 212 posts where I sat down and let you guys read about my feelings, rants, concerns, towards not only books, but my life in general. I learned how to properly “review” and a lot of my opinions from my first posts have changed. (Reading through old posts kind of makes me cringe).

In the end, I just want to thank all of you who still read my blog, two years later. Thanks for making my blogging experience so great. Happy Birthday, AloofBooks!




The Sun is Also a Star: Or, This Book is Also a Star

The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon is one of those books where (as I talked about in my previous post) I was not expecting to love it. I read Everything, Everything as an ARC, and although I liked it, I definitely did not love it.


But, when I saw a brand new copy of this beautiful book in my school library just standing there [see: above], I decided I’d give it a shot and pick it up. My first reaction was how diverse this book was. Both main characters aren’t white (one is Jamaican, and the other Korean-American) and the book deals with issues like racism and stereotypes, which I thought were done very well. (This a spoiler-free post.)

The other thing I noticed was how…readable it was. A lot of times I force myself–even if I’m enjoying it–to continue reading books. It’s not that I don’t like reading, but because I find I procrastinate if I don’t motivate myself. This was one of the books where I didn’t have to do this. Once I started reading, that’s all I wanted to do.

It had everything I look for in a contemporary novel, and not only were the characters unique, but the book itself was unique too. It would switch POVS (but not in an annoying way) and go to someone else’s perspective which just added so much more to the story. So, not only would you get the main characters’ perspective, but also minor characters that influenced the story and the characters. On top of that, there were little chapters of “history” or “a story of ______” that again added perspective to why certain characters were acting in certain ways.

This book of course was not only about romance but about family and love in general. What even is love? Why do humans do certain things? What would happen if we didn’t do certain things? And things like this. It made me think about things that are always in the back of my head but I don’t actually question.

If I absolutely HAD to choose something bad about this book it would be–and not necessarily bad–to make the romance a little more slow paced. It did feel kind of insta-lovey, because the whole book took place in a single way, but there are reasons certain things happened which is why it really didn’t bother me. It didn’t have an instalovey feel because it felt like you know the characters for so much longer.

The characters! Oh god, the characters. ❤ I think this is getting a bit too long, and I don’t want to give anything away. Again, you can totally read this without knowing anything so I think it’s best if you just gave it a shot and hopefully fell in love with it like I did. 🙂

5 stars for this star of a book!

Have you read this book? Did you love it as much as I did? I hope so! Let’s discuss!

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Unexpected Favorite Books

I’m going to smack myself in the head. (I’m serious). I’ve been telling myself over and over and over again to just sit down and write a blog post. But it’s been two weeks and I”m only getting to it now! Gah. I’m so sorry. I’m trying to get back into reading and blogging more but…it’s the usual story. AKA, school is consuming me.

Anyway, today I decided I would write a post that Melissa over at Rabid Reads suggested: my unexpected favorite books! I may or may not do a part two about this post based on you guys’ feedback about books I did not like, but here we go!

I am generally not that surprised by my favorite books. I tend to pick up books I think I will enjoy, and last year, about 80% of the books I read were from authors I had already read from before. So, I usually know what I’m getting into before reading it. However, there have been of course times where I did not expect to like a book so much but ended up LOVING it, and that’s what I’ll be talking about today!

*Note: these are only my favorite books–so this list won’t be too long although there are other books I was surprised by.*

  • Still one of my favorite books–even though I read it two years ago–is The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender by Leslye Walton. I can’t stress how much I love this book but sadly not many people know about it. When I read it two years ago I just picked it up randomly and at first I thought it was really weird…until I finished it in a couple sittings and realized: Wow. That…was beautiful. This is one of the first books I read where I was shocked by how much I loved it.


  • Next I have My Heart and Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga–another book I read about two years ago. I picked it up and read a sentence and thought: This is so good! Little did I know I would finish it in a day, which was unusual for me at the time, and fall in love with it. I would really like to reread it now because it has been so long, but thinking of it still makes me happy and I think I relate to it even more now. (Deals with heavy topics like depression)


  • Then, similar to my story of Ava Lavender, The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. I bought this book at a library sale and randomly started reading it, only to become totally and completely encapsulated by it. Again, same theme: a beautiful beautiful beautiful book.


  • And I Darken by Kiersten White has a slightly different story. For this one, I had expectations before going in but I was very skeptical because I didn’t want things to be misrepresented or off. However, because I didn’t expect to like it that much…I think I fell in love with it more. It blew my mind: the story, the characters, the dynamics. All so amazing.


  • Now, getting closer to some of my more recent reads, A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. I literally only meant to read one page of this book. That’s it! The next thing I knew, I was sitting on my couch on page 50 in like 20 minutes, completely engrossed in the story. (Of course I finished it in a day.) This also blew my mind, in an emotional way–I definitely know why this book is so popular.


  • And last but not least, my last read–which I haven’t talked about on here, but a review is coming: The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon. I had read Yoon’s previous book before it was published and thought it was okay: fun, but not impacting. So I went into this book thinking I would enjoy it but not love it. Wrong. This book was extremely deep, thought-provoking, and went into subjects about race and family and what love actually is. It was so well done. Hopefully, a review will be going up soon!


And that’s it for this post! I really hope you enjoyed reading it because I’m taking time from my (precious, precious) sleep. I’ve really missed blogging and I can’t wait to write more posts!

What were some books YOU were surprised by? Please let me know!

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Hey everyone! Last summer I was lucky enough to have an ARC of the book Caraval by Stephanie Garber. I reviewed it at that time but now I’m posting it since it is being released in a few days. Anyway, here’s my review! (P.S. You should definitely pick it up!)

**Thank you to Flat Iron Books for providing me an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. This did not change my opinion of Caraval in any way.**

If you didn’t know, Caraval by Stephanie Garber is about a circus–however not in The Night Circus kind of way. I know it has been compared to TNC, and I see why, but they are most definitely not similar at all. The only way they are is that they are both related to a circus, and have beautiful writing and similar atmospheres. However, that is where the similarities end. While The Night Circus definitely does have twisted points, Caraval itself is built upon lies and, well, dark stuff. I wouldn’t really want to know so much about Caraval’s plot because its better to go into it blind, but you should know:

-It is about a game inside the circus where not everything is as it seems,
-There is a strong sister relationship between main character Scarlett and Tella
-Don’t get too caught up in it 😉

Things I craved about Caraval:

I. The Writing: I feel like the writing is where this book shined. I loved the plot–which I’ll talk about later–but the writing set the atmosphere. It was cheery when the book needed it to be, and it was chilly when something creepy was going on.

II. The Plot: The plot definitely had a lot of twists and turns. Even though I could tell some of them were coming, there were so many that I lost count and I’m sure as Stephanie Garber becomes an even better writer in coming years and books her plot twists will blow our minds.

III. The Extra Stuff: When I mean extra stuff, I mean the notes, the letters, the section dividers…even though I only had an ARC, I can tell this book is going to be beautiful. I know its not that important, but I really loved these extra additions.

IV. The Cleverness: This book was all around just so clever! The game inside Caraval itself, the plot twists…you can tell the author spent so much time envisioning this world down to the very detail. Even though Caraval can be dangerous at times I would LOVE to visit.

Things I wasn’t so crazy about:

The romance was definitely a let down for me. It wasn’t too insta-lovey, but I felt like the relationship between the main character and the love interest developed WAY too quickly. I would have preferred it if they had slowed it down and if it had only begun in the last 50 pages rather than the first 50 pages. While other parts of this book made me really happy, the romance did not and rather brought my overall liking of the book down. I was not crazy for the love interest just because he seemed really cliche…

Another thing I didn’t like was sometimes the predictability of the plot. For example, I knew so and so was going to happen, but I just didn’t know how. So therefore when it was revealed I was not really surprised, only a bit like, “Oh! Well that explains it.”

Anyways, those are my thoughts on this book! I hope you guys liked reading my review 🙂 and I would also recommend checking this book out because the positives definitely outweighed the negatives. (I gave this book around 4 stars).

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An Apology

Hi guys. I’d like to apologize for posting so little lately. In all honesty, blogging hasn’t been my first priority because of school. I’m feeling really overwhelmed and even when I may have time to blog I’m not really motivated. I still enjoy blogging, but I think it may be because I am barely reading. I still haven’t finished a book so far, and when I don’t read, I don’t really have new material to blog about.

Thanks for hanging around.

I’m crossing my fingers for some days off, so I can catch up on reading and blogging maybe. In the mean time, to those of you who still do read my blog, (because I know many people don’t, sadly), do you have any recommendations for posts you’d like to see? I’m open for any suggestions and would greatly appreciate them.


Silanur. (Tired, exasperated Silanur.)