Why I’m Not Continuing the And I Darken Series: A Discussion

Hi everyone!

This post is one that I’ve been thinking about for a while, and I actually wrote about it a little bit on my Goodreads page. Basically, before I jump into it, I want to give a disclaimer: I loved And I Darken. I even met Kiersten White and told her how much I loved it. I still love And I Darken and I truly understand why other people love this series. Had things went differently for the series, I probably would have read the other two books and loved them as well.

Now let me tell you why I’m making this post and why I believe it’s necessary that other people read this too.

If you didn’t know, And I Darken is set in the Ottoman Empire, and involves Mehmed the Conqueror’s conquest of Constantinople (Istanbul). The story itself is a twist on actual history–the main character is the female version of Vlad the Impaler, a historical figure–but in its essence, the books are still historical fiction (with obvious differences, of course).

A fact I should let you know at this point–I’m Turkish. The Ottoman Empire was a Turkish empire. The Ottoman nobles, sultans, culture, food, language, were Turkish. As I was saying, I’m Turkish, and I’m a pretty proud one. And specifically, I love the Ottoman Empire: it’s history, it’s leaders, it’s accomplishments. As with any powerful empire, the Ottoman Empire had it’s flaws and wrongdoings. However, I absolutely despise it when Turks and the Ottoman Empire are depicted as cruel, ruthless people who took away the very Christian, and very European, Constantinople.

In most descriptions written by people who are white, European, or Christian, the seizure of Constantinople is viewed as a terrible day. Turks are described as disgusting people who had no mercy for those living in the city. On Wikipedia, it states that Ottomans barged into the city, raped the women, and destroyed all of the churches.

I am here to tell you that this depiction is wrong. Of course, it wasn’t all glorious and beautiful. It was still war, after all. But to the contrary of most opinions, the Ottomans did not go into Istanbul and ruin everything. They kept all of the churches and religious places of worship intact. The damage they did on the city’s walls were caused by the fact that they needed a way into the city to capture it.

Now, you’re probably thinking: what does this have to do with And I Darken?

And I Darken involves Mehmed the Conqueror, who is probably one of the most–if not the most–celebrated figure in Ottoman (Turkish) history, as he was the one who conquered Istanbul. While I was reading Book 1, I didn’t really mind how Mehmed was depicted. I heard other people talking about how they hated him, but I assumed it was just as how people hate certain book characters and slid it off. However, as I read through reviews of Now I Rise, I realized that nearly everyone was talking about how much they hated him. Or how terribly sad the scenes of the conquering of Constantinople were. And I know I haven’t read the book–but these are things that I can not ignore. I can not ignore people who know near to nothing about my people, my culture, talk about the horridness of such a huge aspect of my history. I can not ignore people bashing someone who was not a devil, someone who was educated and such an important figure in the history of not only Turkey, but of the world.

I cannot ignore the bastardization, in a way, of my culture.

You can not say this is only fiction. Fiction is not something to be nudged off or considered lightly. Fiction changes. Fiction impacts. Fiction touches. Fiction can change the way you think, for better or for worse, and I am very sad to say that I don’t think these beloved books are doing the job they should. For many people, reading this series may be the first time they are exposed to the Ottoman Empire and Turks/Mehmed the Conqueror, and these books will impact the way they think about them. No matter how fictitious, they will assume some biases that are inevitable when reading historical fiction. And I cannot support this anymore.

Thank you for reading this. This post, out of all the ones I have made so far, matters to me perhaps the most. I would greatly appreciate it if you spread this information and discuss it with me, as it would truly make a difference.

*One point: I really do appreciate Kiersten White’s efforts in portraying Islam, despite all of the things I said about Turkey/Turkish culture–I think she did it very well, and I do respect that. But this is about a different topic that I think should be addressed.*

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To Read or Not To Read: That Is The Question

…a.k.a, a blog post about my reading (and blogging) dilemma.

As many of you may or may not know, I haven’t been reading or blogging much. I don’t know if anyone really notices my presence (or lack thereof), but I obviously haven’t been blogging much. October was a new low in terms of blogging for me. I only published two posts–one of which wasn’t really a post.

It’s also been about 10 weeks since I’ve finished a book. Today, when I sat down to write a blog post, I meant to write a usual post without me complaining because I feel like all I do now is rant about my life. But then I realized, I didn’t really have anything to blog about, and it would come out forced because I’d only be able to talk about things I’ve read a looooong time ago.

So, I thought, I might as well write a more in-depth post about this problem, seeing that I can’t really write about anything else.

You see, even if I had more time to blog, without reading, I can’t run a book blog. There’s only so much I can talk about without reading books avidly, which I haven’t been doing. And I only read when I’m awake. When I’m relaxed, relatively stress-less, and know I can enjoy the book. (Judging by the amount of books I’ve read junior year–zero–this is really rare).

And just to clarify, I’m not deleting my blog. I’m not going to stop blogging, or any of that. This little blog is such an important part of my life, even when I’m not on it constantly. I couldn’t bare to do that.

But I do feel like I owe AloofBooks (and therefore anyone who reads my blog) an explanation, and an apology in advance. I have to come to terms with the fact that I can’t blog as often. I can’t read as often. I don’t know–I don’t think–I will ever read as much as I used to, purely because I have so many other things going on in my life. I will always read. Just…I won’t be able to finish more than four books a month, probably. Which makes me immensely sad. I can’t explain it. Here’s the thing, though.

I need to get over it.

I need to accept this fact, because otherwise, it will make me sadder and more stressed out. And I’ll stop enjoying it. I know, one day, I will get make to more frequent reading. And when I do, I’ll be happy I didn’t force myself.

In the mean time, though, thank you for listening to my rants, thoughts, and everything else. Please let me know if you read this.

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Reading Slowly: A Discussion

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to talk about something that is super relevant to me: reading slowly. Or actually, not being able to read. I like to think I’m a pretty fast reader. I used to be able to get through 10 books a month, and I can finish a book in a sitting or two. But that’s not the problem.

No, the problem for me is that I can barely finish any books anymore in a normal time span. It takes me a month or at least a few weeks, because I just can’t bring myself to read when I’m tired.

And I absolutely despise this.

Reading like this takes away from my experience. I read 100 pages one day, then I can’t pick up my book for two weeks, and I’ve lost track of where I was and forgotten what’s going on. Or I’ll stretch out the book so much that I’ll get bored of the characters even if the book itself is good, because I just want to try something new.

My thoughts get diluted when it takes me so long to read, because so many other things are in my head. I like being engrossed in a story completely. I like thinking of it when I’m doing other things, relating it to my everyday life–I like blogging about it. But when I can only read so little over such a long time period, this doesn’t happen. I think about all the other books I want to read, even when I’m enjoying the story.

Anyway, I’ve only read 5 books this whole year and I kind of wanted to talk about it. Are there any other bloggers who feel the same way as I do? I’d love to talk if anyone can relate!

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I Need YOUR Opinions!

Hey everyone! As you may or may not have realized, I haven’t posted for nearly two weeks and I haven’t been very actively commenting as I used to (before school started.) First of all, I’d like to apologize for this reason. I thought last year was hard, this year is a million times harder, and though I’m happier, school is taking ALL of my time.

The spare moments I do get for myself I tend to watch Turkish shows or read, although little. (I haven’t finished a book besides Empire of Storms since September.) And when I blog, I absolutely hate blogging about random stuff. I like spending time and writing a really nice post. Because I haven’t had the time, I couldn’t post.

On top of that, I’m feeling very uninspired to write. I WANT to read and write so much; there are so many things I want to tell you guys about, so many books I am excited about, but I don’t have time to even think about these things let alone write about them. So, I decided I would set myself a goal: publish at least one post per week, according to what you guys want. Lately I’ve been getting very little traffic which has to do with the fact that I’m posting very little but also because…are you guys not interested in what I post?

So I am asking you guys what you want. Leave me suggestions, I’m up for anything honestly! Some choices can be:  book tags, book reviews, rants, discussions on certain topics, favorite books, least favorite books, top ten tuesdays, funny posts, etc. Please please PLEASE comment!

Thank you so much for baring with me and my blog. If you care just a little bit, I would love it if you commented as if no one comments…well, then I am going to be even less motivated to post.

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My Emotional Story With the Throne of Glass Series + EoS Stuff

You all probably already know about EoS, but if you want to read something a little emotional and bittersweet, I’d read this 🙂

Image result for throne of glass series


I honestly had very low expectations for Empire of Storms, and I was ready to be once and for all let down by this series. I had basically given up; I only had a ounce of hope that this series would still remain as one of my favorites. I am so happy I didn’t give up, and for those of you who were let down by the last books: don’t give up. Seriously. This is such a big improvement, especially compared to Queen of Shadows.

Right now, rather than give you my thoughts on this book specifically, I’m going to talk about my emotions for this whole series.

I read Throne of Glass initially over two years ago, before I had even started 8th grade. It was my first high fantasy book, and it was back when there was some hype for ToG across bookstagram, but not too much. Definitely not as much as now. It was mostly just well known for being really good, but the fanbase was not as big as it is now. I thought it was really good, but not super amazing, and I probably would have enjoyed it even more had I read it later on. (I was young and confused, and I didn’t have much experience with YA, either.) A year later, once ToG started becoming more popular, I decided to read The Assassin’s Blade, Crown of Midnight, and Heir of Fire back to back, before Queen of Shadows came out.

Unfortunately, I was a little let down again because a) I had been spoiled, and b) I expected much more. But still, Heir of Fire became one of my favorite books, and I still love it but I don’t love it as much as I thought I did. Then Queen of Shadows came out September of 2015, and I read it. I thought I enjoyed it, and I did…but ultimately, as time passed…I realized it really wasn’t as good as I thought it was. I had a huge problem with the characters (Aelin and Rowan) and from September 2015 to September 2016 I kind of dreaded the release of this book, EoS.

I became annoyed with the fandom, and I hated Rowan with a passion. On top of all that, with the drama about Sarah not including diversity, I was, in some way, dreading reading EoS. My bar was set really low and I was ready to be disappointed once again.

About 200 pages into the book, I was let down. I was kind of bored, and I forgot a lot of the characters. Also, I read 200 pages in two weeks because I did not have the time. That is, until I sucked it up and decided I would try to finish it within a week, and I am so happy I did. Once I got into the story, I was hooked. I couldn’t stop reading or obsessing about the characters. And I know, oh dear God do I know, how many problems this series has. Because it does.

The characters are kind of messed up, the lack of diversity is very much real, and so many other things. But you know what? I realized, I don’t really give a shit anymore.

I mean, I do, but for my enjoyment? This series is freaking awesome. It has almost everything I look for. Plot twists, romance, strong characters. So I’m overlooking the bad parts and just taking it as or what it is: a book with flaws written by a flawed human being. We often forget that authors are human too. And I think it is very important to realize that in the end, these things are flawed. Nothing is perfect. Yea, it could be better. At this point, though? This was effing amazing. And realizing that–that I can still love something AND accept it has flaws–made me enjoy it even more.

Which now connects to how I am so emotionally attached to this series. I grew up with Percy Jackson in my childhood, and now I’m transitioning to a more mature person with this series. I read Throne of Glass when I was a pre-teen. When this series ends next year, I’m going to be a junior in high school. Three years of obsessing, critiquing, loving, hating, this series. It may not be as long as everyone, but three years is a long time. And realizing that this series is flawed, like me, makes me so emotional. Because I became more mature with these characters. I did new things, I was put in places–luckily not Endovier–that weren’t so great for me. And the fact that it is ending next year makes me really sad. And if I ever do meet Sarah, I will tell her this. I will tell her that her series made a big impact on me not just because everything was perfect–but because it was not. Because somehow, I got more attached to it because I hated some parts and loved others.

And that, my friends, is why I love this book even more. Of course I love the romance, and I even hate Rowan a little less. Of course I love the plot twists and the beautiful writing and Manorian and the heartbreaks and everything. But what I love the most is it’s flaws, and how I can still love it DESPITE the flaws.

Now that my emotional little session is over, I want to talk about this book itself. (This part is going to be short because I’m trying to condense everything) Okay so first off: Manorian is my life. I love them so much and even though I did think their romance developed really quickly it was in a good way. THEY’RE SO HOT I CAN’T. Second: plot twists. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Third: all the characters. Heck, I even don’t hate Rowan now. I realized that he’s better now and the last few heartbreaking chapters really affected that. I also love the new characters’ relationships, like Elide and Lochan which broke my heart. I love the Thirteen, especially Asterin, and I actually loved Gavriel and Fenrhys. Lysandra and Aedion also broke my heart at the end…

Basically, I love all the characters and how of course Aelin managed to deceive everyone though of course the end KILLED me. It made me respect Aelin so much more because I had been annoyed with her and now she redeemed herself to me again. Right now I am an emotional ball but if you guys have read this book then you probably know what I mean. Anyways, yea. I think that’s all I want to say right now. Summary? I loved it.

Did you guys read all this? How did you guys like Empire of Storms? Are you as emotionally attached as I am? Let me know!

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Finding Time To Read: My Constant Struggle

Hey guys! First off, I’d like to apologize for not posting for a week or so. School has been SO crazy lately and my sophomore year is already a million times more challenging than last year. Plus, now I’m sick and I haven’t been reading much…

Today I wanted to talk about something I bet all of us can feel: finding time to read (or blog, for that matter.) We all have pretty busy lives as book lovers. Most of my time is taken by school and studying, and that’s why I barely read two books a month. I used to be able to read around 10, but when I started high school all of that ended.

Still, two books isn’t that bad. Of course I would like to read more but…there are people who don’t read at ALL. And I make sure to read much more (like 7 books in a month) over the summer which makes up for all of the books I wasn’t able to read. Then, you may ask, how do you even make time to read those two books?

My problem is, I could probably read more. But I like reading when I’m conscious and I understand every word and am able to absorb it. Books I tend to enjoy less I read at the wrong time: maybe I’m tired, or sick, or sleepless. Because I don’t want to read half-assedly, I guess, I only read when I’m active; but that time is less than when I am tired.

That’s why, most of my reading gets done on my morning bus. If I can read 40 pages in a day, that’s a good reading day for me. Yea, it’s not amazing, but hey, at least I’m reading. Last year sometimes I had the energy to read when I came home, but now I rarely do and I don’t think I will. Even if I do have the energy to do something, I usually have to study or do homework so reading is cast aside.

Of course, I have weekends to read more, but even then I usually don’t get over 200 pages in two days because I catch up on my sleep and do homework (it takes like 12+ hours if you were wondering.) Hence the reason why I can only get two books in per month, unless I have days off/holidays.

So, what do YOU guys do when you don’t have time to read? Please share me your tips! I seriously need them haha.

Thanks for reading!

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3 Star “Meh” Books & My Problem With Them

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to discuss why I really, really don’t like 3 star books. In fact, even though I enjoy one or two star books less, I would rather read those then 3 star books. I know: you’re wondering, why?

Well let me tell you.

3 star books are disappointments.

Usually, books I rate 3-3.75 stars were books I expected to like much more, so I had hyped them up in my head. And while I do enjoy them, at the end I don’t think they’re worth reading. Which is terrible. While with one/two star books I can hate the books with a passion, the three star books I can’t. They’re just…there. I can’t rant about them, I can’t talk about how terrible they were, I can’t do anything.

It’s like, as a blogger, they have no use and just take up my time.

See, the thing about me is that I am a PASSIONATE reader. I read books with a passion. I love books with a passion. I hate books with a passion. I blog with a passion.

So when a book, usually a three star one, leaves me feeling unsatisfied but not really annoyed enough to rant…I don’t like it. I’d rather I hated it more so I could have ranted about how much I disliked it.

Another thing I hate about these books is that usually, while reading it, I can’t find any real problems with the book. I can’t put my finger on WHAT makes it so that I don’t enjoy it. I just know that it didn’t pull me in like it was supposed to, and it frustrates me. I can’t be like, “the characters were flat, the plot was boring”, etc. Because I DON’T KNOW MYSELF. It makes me feel meh but I don’t know why and it sucks.

That’s why, usually in my three star reviews, I tend to gloss over details because I’m not exactly sure what annoyed me. Or maybe it didn’t even annoy me and that’s the problem: there’s a problem, but it’s not so big so I can’t spot it. IT DRIVES ME NUTS. In the end, all I can say is, I expected much more and it didn’t live up to the hype.

Which I guess means it basically has to do with my previous expectations and not something actually wrong with the book. But there’s nothing I can actually do about that because I like making myself excited about reading something.

And finally, since I rate books on enjoyment and if they leave an impact on me, usually the three star ones leave me with neither.

I neither enjoy it so much to rate it 4 stars or higher, but it also leaves no impact on me, whether that be good or bad. The three star books usually are pointless for my reading experience.

Anyways, I know this was really random, but I hope you guys enjoyed! Now I want to give some books that I rated 3/3.5 stars that left me disappointed:

Of course there are MANY more, but those are some prominent ones that I remember right now.

Do you guys agree with me about this topic? Let me know!

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