Dream Reading Space

Hey everyone! In today’s post I wanted to share with you guys what an ideal reading space would look like for me. Generally, I’ll read anywhere and everywhere as long as there’s not too much noise, but these, obviously, would be ideal.

My favorite place to read is somewhere that’s quiet, cozy, but not too cozy–otherwise I’ll fall asleep haha. So I’m generally comfortable with a sectional sofa that’s soft and has pillows and space where I can stretch my legs out.. Basically, something kind of like this:

Tahoe 135" Slipcovered Five Piece Sectional in Empire Optic

Picture from https://www.arhaus.com/furniture/living-room-furniture/

Also, lighting is super important for me.. It’s actually just as important as the area I’m actually reading on, because if it’s a little too dark (again) I might fall asleep. I tend to get tired sometimes and if I’m in that really comfortable position…you can probably tell what’ll happen.

So, to not get too comfortable, I’m also fine with something like this:


Coincidentally, I’m pretty sure the couch in the picture (from my own home) was also from Arhaus–the same company that the furniture from the other pictures are from! (P.S: I love this couch. It’s sturdy but still comfortable at the same time and makes sure I don’t fall asleep, haha!)

Additionally, I also don’t mind reading on my desk when I’m in the mood, especially if I’m sitting in a comfortable chair and I have good lighting. To add to the ~aesthetic~ I love desk lamps like this one:

Fielding Table Lamp

Picture from Arhaus

Anyway, to get more back into the reading area, for me a dream space consists more than just the surroundings. Ideally I’d like to read in a quiet environment with a smoothie or coffee to drink, and maybe some snacks if I’m hungry. And of course, I hate being exhausted when I’m reading, so it’s best if it’s not a school day!

Kind of on a side note to ending this post–I saw this on the Arhaus website, and isn’t this so pretty?!

Crown Chandelier

It makes me want to go live in a cabin or something. 🙂

That’s it for this post! I hope you guys enjoyed this slightly different post than usual–and please, please talk with me! I know I haven’t been as active but I’m barely getting any interaction and it makes me so sad.

Thanks everyone!!

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