Days of the Week In Books

Hi everyone! I saw this tag on Instagram and I wanted to do it because it seemed short and fun–I’m not sure who the creator is but here we go!

  • Monday // A book you’re too lazy to read–Honestly any classic; because they kind of scare me since the writing is usually much harder to read or understand. Also, Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor despite the fact that I actually loved the first two. I just know it’s super long and it’s intimidating me!
  • Tuesday // A book that’s hard to read–I want to go ahead and say The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. Some scenes were super gritty and tough to get through because of the characters, although this is an amazing book.
  • Wednesday // A book you didn’t finish–I tried reading The Promise of Amazing by Robin Constantine over two years ago and I absolutely despised it. The instalove was so bad that I just…couldn’t.
  • Thursday // A book you wouldn’t recommend–Wink Poppy Midnight by April Genevieve Tucholke. I know. That cover is beautiful, right?


It just promises something good. Unfortunately, I was very disappointed. Don’t let the cover fool you–you can learn more about why I thought this wasn’t good here.

  • Friday // Anticipated book releases–omg, there’s so many? The Becoming of Noah ShawHere We Are Now by Jasmine Warga, and The Girl With the Red Balloon by Katherine Locke are just three I haven’t spoken much about but I am very excited for to come out!
  • Saturday // A book you’ve reread–I always have the same answer for this, because it’s basically the only book (series) I’ve reread, and that’s Percy Jackson. I reread it so many times when I was in fourth grade.
  • Sunday // A book you didn’t want to end–And I Darken by Kiersten White. This book guys. This book. I need to get my hands on the sequel ASAP, but I loved it sososo much.

I hope you enjoyed reading this short little post! Thanks for reading!

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Unexpected Favorite Books

I’m going to smack myself in the head. (I’m serious). I’ve been telling myself over and over and over again to just sit down and write a blog post. But it’s been two weeks and I”m only getting to it now! Gah. I’m so sorry. I’m trying to get back into reading and blogging more but…it’s the usual story. AKA, school is consuming me.

Anyway, today I decided I would write a post that Melissa over at Rabid Reads suggested: my unexpected favorite books! I may or may not do a part two about this post based on you guys’ feedback about books I did not like, but here we go!

I am generally not that surprised by my favorite books. I tend to pick up books I think I will enjoy, and last year, about 80% of the books I read were from authors I had already read from before. So, I usually know what I’m getting into before reading it. However, there have been of course times where I did not expect to like a book so much but ended up LOVING it, and that’s what I’ll be talking about today!

*Note: these are only my favorite books–so this list won’t be too long although there are other books I was surprised by.*

  • Still one of my favorite books–even though I read it two years ago–is The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender by Leslye Walton. I can’t stress how much I love this book but sadly not many people know about it. When I read it two years ago I just picked it up randomly and at first I thought it was really weird…until I finished it in a couple sittings and realized: Wow. That…was beautiful. This is one of the first books I read where I was shocked by how much I loved it.


  • Next I have My Heart and Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga–another book I read about two years ago. I picked it up and read a sentence and thought: This is so good! Little did I know I would finish it in a day, which was unusual for me at the time, and fall in love with it. I would really like to reread it now because it has been so long, but thinking of it still makes me happy and I think I relate to it even more now. (Deals with heavy topics like depression)


  • Then, similar to my story of Ava Lavender, The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. I bought this book at a library sale and randomly started reading it, only to become totally and completely encapsulated by it. Again, same theme: a beautiful beautiful beautiful book.


  • And I Darken by Kiersten White has a slightly different story. For this one, I had expectations before going in but I was very skeptical because I didn’t want things to be misrepresented or off. However, because I didn’t expect to like it that much…I think I fell in love with it more. It blew my mind: the story, the characters, the dynamics. All so amazing.


  • Now, getting closer to some of my more recent reads, A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. I literally only meant to read one page of this book. That’s it! The next thing I knew, I was sitting on my couch on page 50 in like 20 minutes, completely engrossed in the story. (Of course I finished it in a day.) This also blew my mind, in an emotional way–I definitely know why this book is so popular.


  • And last but not least, my last read–which I haven’t talked about on here, but a review is coming: The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon. I had read Yoon’s previous book before it was published and thought it was okay: fun, but not impacting. So I went into this book thinking I would enjoy it but not love it. Wrong. This book was extremely deep, thought-provoking, and went into subjects about race and family and what love actually is. It was so well done. Hopefully, a review will be going up soon!


And that’s it for this post! I really hope you enjoyed reading it because I’m taking time from my (precious, precious) sleep. I’ve really missed blogging and I can’t wait to write more posts!

What were some books YOU were surprised by? Please let me know!

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Why Were My Expectations So High? Illusions of Fate by Kiersten White Review

Hey guys! Last month I read Illusions of Fate by Kiersten White, so here’s my review! (As the title says, I wish my expectations hadn’t been so high…)

*I tried to insert the cover but it wasn’t working and I’m way too tired to investigate why…sorry!*

3.75 ish stars!

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, but I was ultimately let down by it. Coming into this book, I expected to love it as much as And I Darken, which is one of my favorites. I had also heard that it was really good from a lot of reviewers I trusted so my hopes were really high.

Until about halfway through the novel–which is like only 140 pages–I was really let down. Don’t get me wrong, I never hated it, but I wouldn’t have given it more than 3 stars. I didn’t like reading from Jessa’s POV so much, and nothing happened despite the fact that this book is really short. The romance between Jessa and Finn wasn’t TOO instalovey, considering the fact that this book is really short, but I would have liked a more slow-burning romance with less of Jessa swooning over how attractive Finn’s collarbone is every two seconds.

My main problem for this book, however, was that it wasn’t character driven. Nothing really happened until like 200 pages, and that’s the majority of the novel. I felt like Jessa just WAITED for the villain to do something and THEN she decided she needed to do something about it. I did like Jessa’s character, especially towards the end, but her stubborness was annoying at times. Nonetheless, she wasn’t a terrible character, but definitely not a favorite of mine.

The same goes with all of these characters. Either because the book was too short or the characters were too trope-y for my liking, I don’t know, but none of them really clicked with me, even the villain. I did not fall in love with Finn and didn’t much care what happened to anyone, really.

That being said, the plot does get really interesting in the last 100 pages. There are multiple plot twists that I didn’t see coming, though I did suspect certain things with certain characters. The writing was really easy to get through, despite the fact that I finished this in a long time considering it’s really short. Another aspect I really enjoyed was the politics with the countries because it represented how some things are in our times as well. Oh, and, Jessa is a woman of color, and she struggles through being accepted both as a woman and a person of dark skin, so I thought that was a great addition too. 🙂

Overall, I did enjoy this novel but I thought it could have been better. The last few scenes were really cut short and I think it could have been extended to at least 300 pages. In general, though, I do recommend this if you want a fun fantasy that’s not too confusing and has plot twists.

How did you like Illusions of Fate? Do you agree with me? Let me know!

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Wink Poppy Midnight: Why the Heck Is Everyone So Annoying

I read and reviewed Wink Poppy Midnight last month, so here you guys go! I hope you all talk to me about my feelings on this book, because like the title says, it annoyed me. You can check it out from Goodreads here, and here’s the luringly beautiful but disappointing cover:

This book annoyed me, very deeply. There were so many things that bugged me, so many plot holes, so many things that just took away from my enjoyment.

First of all, the characters. Characters really do make or break a book for me. I came into this book expecting to love it, to be perfectly honest. I heard about how twisted all the characters are and I was so excited. I love twisted characters. But, always with a catch.

I only love twisted characters when they’re real. Real, as in, when they’re motives are realistic. When you can relate to them, when they make you feel like you could become them despite all their flaws. When there’s actually a reasoning that the author gives even if its subtle.

These characters were twisted, alright. I kept on waiting for an explanation though. When would we learn WHY they were twisted? WHY Poppy was so cruel and mean to everyone around her? WHY Wink did what she did? Why, why, why? There were some explanations offered, but it was like a bull way of putting it. Its not like something terrible happened to Poppy which caused her bitchiness. The author never told us why.

And this caused me great annoyance. I felt so detached from the characters. I think they were meant to be evil and still touch you, but I really wasn’t touched. I, for some reason, just got bored through out all of Wink’s chapters. I just didn’t LIKE her. Was she meant to be mysterious and secretive? Because if so, I KNEW FROM THE START IT WAS ALL ABOUT HER. Midnight? He was so damn stupid. Seriously. And he kept falling for the same mistakes, and he “loved” Wink in a few days? Yea right.

As for Poppy, she’s the one who interested me the most, if only because I wanted to learn more about her. I feel like if the author had done it right, I would have loved Poppy, but once again it was cut short. We didn’t learn so much about her, and it just didn’t work.

The other characters I don’t even care to explain. Leaf? He was pointless. EVERYONE talked about him on and on and on, yet he didn’t even AFFECT anything.

The book was already tiny, so there wasn’t a plot. It was more about the characters but unfortunately they fell very flat for me. As for the plot twist? I could see it a million miles away. Not down to the specifics, but the general idea was obvious.

So, my question is, what was the point of this book? If the characters were not good enough, if the plot was not good enough, if it was just not GOOD enough? What do I take away from it? You’d expect there to be at least a moral, but even that was not powerful. It was in the same old monotone tone of Midnight.

Besides all the negative things, I didn’t hate this book. There were some things I enjoyed, for example the writing. Even though it was annoying sometimes I did like the descriptions and also how easy it was to read. I also liked the mysterious feeling to the book itself.

Basically, I was disappointed. Either my expectations were too high, or it was actually just flat. I wouldn’t really recommend this to everyone, but if it interests you like it did me I’d check it out. Its very easy to read and it is a bit fun, though mostly it may cause you distress.

2.75 (or so) stars.

Have you read this book? Do you agree with me on how annoying it was? Please share your thoughts!

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July: My Month in Review | Wrap Up & Highlights

Usually I’m waiting for the months to pass by–if it’s the school year–but right now, I want time to stop because minute by minute by summer break is slipping away. 😦 We’re going into August, and I just want time to kinda freeze. Anyways, here’s my wrap up for the month!

what’s been happening in my [real] life?

My school has been out for over a month now, and I am so so happy. I went to Turkey for three weeks because of my uncle’s wedding, and it was fun but also very stressful. You all probably already know about it, but after the coup and stuff, well…Turkey was in a really stressed mood. I’m glad to be back home in the US, though I did have some fun there! I sure ate a LOT of kebabs haha.

Because I didn’t have school, I obviously read and blogged much more than previous months, however still not as much as I would have liked. But its okay, since I was travelling and jetlagged so its understandable. Right now I’m pretty much not doing anything at home (its great though!) so I don’t really have much to write about.

what’s been happening on my blog?

I wrote a bunch of blog posts; some of which kind of flopped because no one saw them (I was really upset about it) and some others that actually attracted a lot of people. Here they are!

So in total 7 posts including this one!

what about bookish updates/wrap-ups?

This month, I read 6 and ALMOST 7 books. I’m going to count it as seven because I have 50 pages of the book I am currently reading, Uprooted by Naomi Novik. It isn’t an overly huge number, but its really good for me considering I read at most three books per month during the school year.

  • On Two Feet and Wings by Abbas Kazerooni (4 stars, no review will be coming)
  • And I Darken by Kiersten White — ALL THE STARS. GUSH HERE.
  • Wink Poppy Midnight by April Genevieve Tucholke — 2.5 ish stars. I wrote a review, I just have to post it on my blog so look out for that!
  • The Crown by Kiera Cass — 3 stars. Review to come as well!
  • The Forbidden Wish by Jessica Khoury — 4 stars. I wrote a review for this one as well, just need to post it.
  • Caraval by Stephanie Garber — 4.5 ish stars (Review will be posted soon!)

Obviously, my favorite book was the only one I gave five stars (or all the stars) to: And I Darken by Kiersten White. Seriously. I can NOT stop gushing about this book. Please read it. ❤

I was also super excited to receive my first physical ARC that I especially requested: Caraval. I will post something about it soon, but it was REALLY good. It was so exciting to receive it in the mail. *teary-eyed*

june highlights

  • Reading And I Darken ❤
  • Having all the time off, with no stress was definitely a huge plus for me.
  • I can finally have time to draw! I’m not really a professional artist but I do love drawing occasionally, and now I finally have the time for that.
  • Did I talk about And I Darken?

How did your months go? Hopefully you guys had lots of fun too! Let’s talk, please comment below!

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What I Look For In Books

Everyone has their own criteria while reading. What makes a book your favorite? What do you love reading? Today, I wanted to talk about some of the things that make my inner fangirl squeal with happiness when I read. I have five main things I look for in a book, and for each one I’ll be giving one example of a book. 

1. Plot: This one, I think, is a no-brainer. No matter how amazing everything else is, I do need a plot. I love plot twists and turns, especially in my fantasy books. The only time when I’m okay with there being less of a plot is if the book is marketed as a coming-of-age story, in which that case I know that not a lot will be happening.

For example, Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo has an AMAZING plot. Of course it also has a bunch of other qualities, but the plot has so many twists and turns…

2. Writing: Writing is so so so important for me. It’s what pulls me in, makes me feel as if I am part of the story. It sets the atmosphere. Good writing can also make up for a slower moving story—not if the book itself has a bad plot—but if the author is trying to make you feel something using words, then I can overlook the plot for the beautiful writing.

Example: The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. Don’t get me wrong, I loved everything about this book, but the writing is what I think made it shine. 

3. Characters: Characters, are, for me what make or break the story. In the end, its all about the characters. A book may have an amazing unique plot with gorgeous prose, but if the characters are ANNOYING and I can’t connect with them…well. I’ll enjoy the book to some extent but after one point the characters have to be well-written and not flat. I don’t care if they’re evil, or good, I just want characters that make sense. Ones that you can understand.

Example: The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater. I think this one is obvious, haha. 🙂

4. Romance: I don’t need Romance in a book. In fact, sometimes the romance gets so annoying and angsty that I just don’t want it. But, if there is romance, there are a few things I want:

  • Please, no love triangle. I cannot tolerate them. The only love triangle I like is the one in The Infernal Devices, but that is seriously one in billions.
  • I don’t like the overused perfect guy in YA. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of my favorite books have this trope and it CAN be written well but after one point it becomes annoying. Blue eyes, sarcastic smile, dark past. I like it, but I’d rather something more unique.
  • Absolutely no instalove. Out of all the things I listed, this is what I hate the most. I can tolerate the others, but I can NOT tolerate instalove. The book I’m reading WILL receive a lower rating if there is instalove.
  • A nicely written, deep, partially angsty relationship is what I look for. Too much angst is bad, but I do like it when things are hard for the protagonists because it makes them coming together even better. 🙂

Example: The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh. Everything about this book is beautiful, but the romance is even more beautiful. Its lush and well developed, and I love the relationship between the characters.

And finally,
5. Deepness/Moral, or rather, if the book makes me think. The thing that makes a book a favorite for me is if it makes me think. If, in my free time, or any time, I am thinking of the characters and the plot and all the ways it made my heart hurt. I like it when books make me think. I love it actually. And it plays such an important role for me.

For example, I rate books five stars not that rarely. However, only a few of those are my favorites because although I may have thought a book is amazing, if I don’t think about it after I’ve read it, it doesn’t deserve that name.

Example book: The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender. Not only is this book beautifully written, but it made me think so much. Even today, a year and a half after I read it, I think of it with admiration. ❤️ 

Of course there are other things that I put into consideration while reading a book, such as humor, but these are the main ones.

And that’s it for this post! What does a book have to have for it to be a favorite of yours? 

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July TBR!

Hey guys! So this is going to be a pre-written post because I’ll be traveling (probably on the airplane) when you’re reading this, but hope you enjoy! I’m leaving for Turkey for three weeks, so I don’t know how much time I’ll have to read. It really depends, haha.

Anyway, here are the books I’m planning on reading:

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have been waiting for this book for two years and I am SO excited because it’s about the Ottoman Empire, something I’ve never read about in YA before ❤

I feel like this one would be an easy, fun read  while also traveling. Its really short, and even though I couldn’t buy a physical copy I’m really excited!

Again: easy, fun read. Even though I heard really bad things about this book, I just want to try it out haha 🙂

Do you see the theme I’m getting at?? But yea: I’ve wanted to read this book for two years, and I think it’s about time now.

Those are plenty of books, but if I somehow do end up finishing them, then I’m going to read; and maybe I’ll pick up the fourth book of HP who knows 🙂

And that’s it for this post! I know it was kind of short but I’m in a bit of a hurry, sorry about that. Which books are YOU excited to read in July?

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