Reasons To Read A Victoria Schwab Book

Hi everyone!  I just finished reading This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab, and it reminded me how much I love her books so I decided I might as well make this post about why YOU–if you haven’t already read her books–should pick them up too!

Just some of her books! (Most of which I haven’t read but really want to.)

As of right now, I’ve read The Archived, The Unbound, and This Savage Song, though I am currently reading Our Dark Duet. I think out of the three I’ve finished, The Unbound is my favorite, but all of them are super good. (I need to get to her adult books ASAP.)

So, here are some reasons you should read them:

  1. The writing is fabulous. There are so many amazing quotes and paragraphs and while you’re reading you can see the story unravel. For example:

“Because the only way to truly record a person is not in words, not in still frames, but in bone and skin and memory.” –The Archived

2. The plot is simply marvelous. That’s the only way I can describe it. I don’t know how Schwab comes up with all twists and turns, but she does and it’s pretty much perfect.

3. I haven’t talked about the characters yet, but the characters are probably the BEST part of her stories. They’re not flat or fake, there’s a reasoning behind why each one acts the way they do. I understand their motives and actions, and it just makes the story more realistic despite the fact that her books are fantasy.

4. The worlds, or the atmosphere of the books is so well written that you’ll be intoxicated with the story. They’re just so unique and intriguing and seem simple but are just so much more than that.

5. And probably my favorite part: they make you think. I don’t just read her books, I end up thinking about them afterwards. They have meaning to them that I often can’t find with other story books, and that’s probably why I love them so much.

(P.S: You should also read them–especially The Archived–because they have some swoon-worthy characters there like Wesley. He’s my favorite!!!)

Have you read a Schwab book? Which was your favorite? Which one should I read next–ADSOM or Vicious? Let me know!

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6 thoughts on “Reasons To Read A Victoria Schwab Book

  1. Schwab is one of my favourite authors (though I haven’t read The Archived yet, oops) and I agree with pretty much everything you said here! I think the best part for me is usually the world-building though – I just love her premises so much that I always have trouble leaving her world even after I finish her books (if that makes sense). They just come alive so much in my mind and feel so well-developed, I think I’d love an encyclopedia-ish novel just exploring her settings, with or without her characters. 😛

    As for ADSOM and Vicious, Vicious is my personal favourite but ADSOM’s world is so inventive and amazing. I’d say go for both, to be honest. 😂


    • Ooh, you’ve got me even more excited for those books! You should REALLY pick up The Archived–it reads so easily but it’s amazing nonetheless. I don’t know how she comes up with these ideas ❤


  2. GREAT post, and I fully agree with every single point. Her characters are some of my favorites ever – they’re so complex and multidimensional, and she never gives them a stereotypical good/bad side. I have yet to read THE ARCHIVED, but I own both the books in that series, so I’m hoping to binge soon! 🙂

    ~ Aimal @ Bookshelves & Paperbacks

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