Why Reading is So Important For Me & How Badly I Miss It

Hey guys! Today I wanted to write about something that might get a bit “deep”, because I want to tell you how much (and why) I miss reading so much. I know I say this in virtually every post, talking about how little I read and how I want to read more. And I’m completely, 100%, no-exaggerating serious.

Guys, I miss being able to avidly read so much.

For so long, reading has been my escape. I know it sounds cheesy, but it’s true. Especially 8th grade, when I felt down, I went and read. And read and read and read and read. In fact, I think it wasn’t that good of an idea because it caused some of my problems to grow even more, but nonetheless, they made sure I wasn’t completely lost.

See the thing is, reading is my way of coping with things. Had a bad day? Read. Did something wrong? Read. Reading took me away, even if I hated the book, and just for a little while, I felt special, in that little corner of a book. Reading is one of the only things I do for fun. When I say “I read” when asked about a hobby, I’m pretty sure most don’t get that when I say I read, it means oh-gosh-I-love-reading-so-much-it’s-my-favorite-thing-to-do-and-it-keeps-me-going.

But now…I can’t read. I’m getting less than 5 hours of sleep, spending all my time studying or doing homework. How can I read if I’m not even sleeping? When I read, I like to be passionate about it. I don’t like for it to be passive. When I read, I give it all. I want the full experience. But this also means I can barely read. This year, I’ve only finished 3 books, and it truly breaks my heart.

I think this is why I try to distract myself with other things. I ache to read sometimes, and I practically forget the feeling of being so engrossed with a book. I’m trying to catch that feeling back now, since it’s break, but ten days isn’t nearly enough.

Anyway, I really wanted to tell you guys about this because I think not being able to read avidly in an avidly reading book community isn’t spoken enough. I love reading, but I can’t read, and I do wonder if anyone else feels the same way. So, if you do, let me know. Hopefully I’m not alone on this. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Why Reading is So Important For Me & How Badly I Miss It

  1. It sounds like you’re crazy busy, Silanur, and I think it’s totally understandable that you’re not able to read much when you’re barely sleeping. I’m not really reading all that much either right now and I miss it too, but real life is just so demanding at times. I suppose all we can really do is wait it out and just try our best to get through the busy times… and hopefully come out on the other end all ready to read again. You’re definitely not alone. 😛

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  2. I’m currently taking 12 college units so I totally understand. I also have to read this book for this English class I’m taking but it’s so hard since I’m basically in a huge reading slump and have been since February.

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