Hey everyone! Last summer I was lucky enough to have an ARC of the book Caraval by Stephanie Garber. I reviewed it at that time but now I’m posting it since it is being released in a few days. Anyway, here’s my review! (P.S. You should definitely pick it up!)

**Thank you to Flat Iron Books for providing me an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. This did not change my opinion of Caraval in any way.**

If you didn’t know, Caraval by Stephanie Garber is about a circus–however not in The Night Circus kind of way. I know it has been compared to TNC, and I see why, but they are most definitely not similar at all. The only way they are is that they are both related to a circus, and have beautiful writing and similar atmospheres. However, that is where the similarities end. While The Night Circus definitely does have twisted points, Caraval itself is built upon lies and, well, dark stuff. I wouldn’t really want to know so much about Caraval’s plot because its better to go into it blind, but you should know:

-It is about a game inside the circus where not everything is as it seems,
-There is a strong sister relationship between main character Scarlett and Tella
-Don’t get too caught up in it 😉

Things I craved about Caraval:

I. The Writing: I feel like the writing is where this book shined. I loved the plot–which I’ll talk about later–but the writing set the atmosphere. It was cheery when the book needed it to be, and it was chilly when something creepy was going on.

II. The Plot: The plot definitely had a lot of twists and turns. Even though I could tell some of them were coming, there were so many that I lost count and I’m sure as Stephanie Garber becomes an even better writer in coming years and books her plot twists will blow our minds.

III. The Extra Stuff: When I mean extra stuff, I mean the notes, the letters, the section dividers…even though I only had an ARC, I can tell this book is going to be beautiful. I know its not that important, but I really loved these extra additions.

IV. The Cleverness: This book was all around just so clever! The game inside Caraval itself, the plot twists…you can tell the author spent so much time envisioning this world down to the very detail. Even though Caraval can be dangerous at times I would LOVE to visit.

Things I wasn’t so crazy about:

The romance was definitely a let down for me. It wasn’t too insta-lovey, but I felt like the relationship between the main character and the love interest developed WAY too quickly. I would have preferred it if they had slowed it down and if it had only begun in the last 50 pages rather than the first 50 pages. While other parts of this book made me really happy, the romance did not and rather brought my overall liking of the book down. I was not crazy for the love interest just because he seemed really cliche…

Another thing I didn’t like was sometimes the predictability of the plot. For example, I knew so and so was going to happen, but I just didn’t know how. So therefore when it was revealed I was not really surprised, only a bit like, “Oh! Well that explains it.”

Anyways, those are my thoughts on this book! I hope you guys liked reading my review 🙂 and I would also recommend checking this book out because the positives definitely outweighed the negatives. (I gave this book around 4 stars).

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  1. Great review, Silanur! I definitely agree with you re: the romance; it also felt very insta-lovey to me and I couldn’t really let that go. The writing was beautiful, though – just very vivid and lush and magical. For me it didn’t really live up to its hype, but I can understand why others love it. 😛

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