An Apology

Hi guys. I’d like to apologize for posting so little lately. In all honesty, blogging hasn’t been my first priority because of school. I’m feeling really overwhelmed and even when I may have time to blog I’m not really motivated. I still enjoy blogging, but I think it may be because I am barely reading. I still haven’t finished a book so far, and when I don’t read, I don’t really have new material to blog about.

Thanks for hanging around.

I’m crossing my fingers for some days off, so I can catch up on reading and blogging maybe. In the mean time, to those of you who still do read my blog, (because I know many people don’t, sadly), do you have any recommendations for posts you’d like to see? I’m open for any suggestions and would greatly appreciate them.


Silanur. (Tired, exasperated Silanur.)


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