School is Starting In A Week: Worries, Stresses, and a Rant

Hello guys! The past couple of days, for some reason, I haven’t felt very much like reading or blogging which kinda sucks because this is my last week of summer and I wanted to take advantage of it. But I decided I write this post just to…let my feels out I guess? I don’t really expect anyone to read my personal posts anymore, but if you do, know that I truly appreciate it.


My school starts next week, September 6th, and I am nervous and stressed as hell. Which is why I’m writing this post. I hope it’ll help me sort my mind.

You may wonder: why the heck is this girl so stressed for only tenth grade? Well…

  • My school is actually really hard. Like I’m not saying your school isn’t hard, but mine is a specialized science-and-tech magnet school. You take a test and write essays and have teacher recommendations and all that, just to get in–that’s the easy part. And its not just any magnet school: its the best in the nation. In fact, many graduates from my school say that college is easier after so much stress in high school.

This year, I’m taking AP Bio, which is known for 12 hours of work a week, chemistry, Algebra 2 and Pre-Calc (the math is advanced so one semester for each), history, Latin 2, English, and of course Health and PE. Even the “normal”, non-AP classes are at or above honors levels.

I am mostly nervous for my math course. Several of my friends took Algebra 2 last year and are retaking it, and I’ve heard so many nightmare stories about it. My math isn’t very strong–I want to be a medical doctor–and I have no idea for chemistry either. As for AP bio…well…rest in piece, my hobbies and things I do for fun. (And I haven’t even went through my “easy” classes–which are not easy, but easier)

My bus problem.

On top of all that, my school is far away. Rather, my buses SUCK. Seriously. My school starts at 8:40, ends at 4:00, okay? But because there is no direct bus in the morning, I have to go to a middle school near me, wait at the middle school for 25 minutes, and THEN be transported to my HS. So I have to wake up at 6:00, walk to the middle school bus stop by 6:43, arrive at the middle school, and wait till 7:40, and FINALLY GET TO SCHOOL.

It freaking drives me nuts.

I HATE IT. I already get less sleep and no time at home because I am so exhausted by the time I come home–it’s like 5:00–and only do homework and then crash. Because my parents can’t drive me to school, which would save so much time, I end up losing precious sleep or time that I could have spent doing something I liked which would have helped with my happiness.

Because last year–I have no idea if you realized from the copious amounts of rants I posted–I was really, really depressed. First semester. I was thrown into a school with NOBODY I knew, I wasn’t smart anymore because everyone was smarter than me–that’s what happens when you go into a nerd school. I didn’t have any friends, I came home, cried everyday, failed tests, again and again and again. Thank goodness I am not like that anymore, but I was. And not having enough sleep really, REALLY affected it.

During the winter, I had to go out in the cold–like negative 15 degrees–walk half a mile, and because my stupid bus driver couldn’t make it on time, I had to wait for 20 minutes. In the dark, cold, with no one I knew there. All for NOTHING. I wasn’t even being driven to my own school! I lost precious time and sleep for it! ALL BECAUSE MY COUNTY CHANGED ITS RULES FOR TRANSPORTATION TO MY SCHOOL.

And now, I have to do it at an even earlier time.

I am sick and done with this. My school itself is fine, but I do not want to wake up and leave the house in -10 degree weather in the dark to go on the same bus as middle schoolers who don’t appreciate education. I was a middle schooler too. But I was thankful and happy to go to school, unlike them.


So, if my county transportation sees this, I beg you, please, please change these rules. Help a tenth grader who desperately needs it get more sleep. Make her smile. 


And that’s it for my rant. I know it got super long and intense, but…if you read it, please tell me. You can obviously see how exasperated I am. Especially about the bus thing.

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8 thoughts on “School is Starting In A Week: Worries, Stresses, and a Rant

  1. I can definitely relate with what you’re going through. Especially the part with the new school, no friends and everyone is smarter thing. The same thing happened to me when I first started A-level, and my family lived in a different country so I was really lonely. But it really does get better! Just stay strong and think about how you don’t have to go through it again after you graduate 😀
    Sorry for the long comment, I’m a talkative person haha 😀 😀

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    • Thank you so much for commenting—and you’re totally fine! I tend to have long comments as well 🙂 You’re right, it does get better and at least I’m not in a different country. Thanks for the motivation again! ❤️

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  2. Aww Hun stay positive X you’ll get through this. I was also under a lot of pressure at my school and college is really such a relief. Just stick to it and do your best (and know when you need some time to yourself for a break – those are very important) 💖 xoxo B

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  3. Good luck with going back to school and everything! *sends you positive vibes* (And I can totally relate with the bus part, I had to take one bus and two trains last year to get to my college, which took me overall about 1h30 and it’s really annoying… But hopefully you can get some reading done this way! 🙂 )


  4. I’m going into 10th grade too. Just reading how much you have to do stresses me out. I thought my school was hard, but reading that makes my school sound easy. I wish you the best of luck with your upcoming school year, you’ll do great!

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