The Crown by Kiera Cass: Where’s the FLUFF????

My review for The Crown is finally here! Or kind of rant. Explaining why I was disappointed, haha. This review will be primarily spoiler-free, and I’ll warn you when the spoilers are coming. You can check this book out on Goodreads here, and here’s the cover:

Before I begin giving my feelings on this book, I’d just like to say that I adored The Selection series when I read them over a year ago. I knew they weren’t the best books, and they weren’t really my favorites, but they were perfect in the sense that:

a) They were cute
b) They could get annoying, but the romance covered it all up
c) They made me feel happy and fluffy and there were also some underlying messages that I liked.

And so, I rated them all five or four stars, because I wasn’t reading them for the knowledge or amazing plot or anything, I read them as my guilty pleasures, and they succeeded in pleasing me.

However, in this book I could not get the pleasure I got from reading the other four books. I was actually part of the minority that didn’t hate The Heir, and I thought it was just as cute as the previous books. So I was actually pretty hopeful getting into this one. Sadly, it disappointed me.

This book felt like a novella: stretched out, not needed, with not really a plot. The only reason I kept reading was to find out who Eadlyn ended up with, and I was disappointed with that. It didn’t have any of the qualities that I loved in the previous books. There was practically no cute romance, and although Eadlyn’s personality got better, I didn’t enjoy reading from her.

It still had some fluffiness, I’ll give it that, but it was minimal and I wasn’t crazy about it. See, the thing with the actual Selection books (the first 3) was that America only had two love interests and she was primarily with one the whole time. Eadlyn…well because SHE had to choose someone, she went through so many memories with all the boys and after one point, I just gave up. I didn’t really care about any of the guys except for Kile. I mean, they were great and all, but their personalities lacked some charm that I loved about Maxon. SPOILER in italics: [And she didn’t even end up with Kile! ]


And then…the plot. Like I said before, there was barely any plot. It was just so flimsy. Ah yes, that’s the word! This book was FLIMSY. The plot isn’t there, even though it could’ve been better, and the romance was flimsy too. If the author decided to add a dystopian plot, she should at least add on to it so it feels REAL! I did like the multiple plot twists, though I did see the one with Hale coming.

Anyways, with all its faults aside, I didn’t hate this book. I really didn’t. It annoyed me that it could’ve been better, but I did enjoy some things. I just don’t think it was worth publishing two extra books for this ending. SPOILER IN ITALICS: [They make SUCH a big deal out of The Selection, and then in the end, Maxon tells Eadlyn she can choose the other dude??? Who is not even PART of The Selection??? I call BS. What was the point of making it such a big deal if she could [put an end to it just because she didn’t want to marry the guy she said she would? This part frustrated me the MOST, ohmygod.]

3 stars. I still think the first three books are perfect for their fluffiness, however not this one.

Do you agree with me on this book? Let’s discuss! (And rant!)

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