Wink Poppy Midnight: Why the Heck Is Everyone So Annoying

I read and reviewed Wink Poppy Midnight last month, so here you guys go! I hope you all talk to me about my feelings on this book, because like the title says, it annoyed me. You can check it out from Goodreads here, and here’s the luringly beautiful but disappointing cover:

This book annoyed me, very deeply. There were so many things that bugged me, so many plot holes, so many things that just took away from my enjoyment.

First of all, the characters. Characters really do make or break a book for me. I came into this book expecting to love it, to be perfectly honest. I heard about how twisted all the characters are and I was so excited. I love twisted characters. But, always with a catch.

I only love twisted characters when they’re real. Real, as in, when they’re motives are realistic. When you can relate to them, when they make you feel like you could become them despite all their flaws. When there’s actually a reasoning that the author gives even if its subtle.

These characters were twisted, alright. I kept on waiting for an explanation though. When would we learn WHY they were twisted? WHY Poppy was so cruel and mean to everyone around her? WHY Wink did what she did? Why, why, why? There were some explanations offered, but it was like a bull way of putting it. Its not like something terrible happened to Poppy which caused her bitchiness. The author never told us why.

And this caused me great annoyance. I felt so detached from the characters. I think they were meant to be evil and still touch you, but I really wasn’t touched. I, for some reason, just got bored through out all of Wink’s chapters. I just didn’t LIKE her. Was she meant to be mysterious and secretive? Because if so, I KNEW FROM THE START IT WAS ALL ABOUT HER. Midnight? He was so damn stupid. Seriously. And he kept falling for the same mistakes, and he “loved” Wink in a few days? Yea right.

As for Poppy, she’s the one who interested me the most, if only because I wanted to learn more about her. I feel like if the author had done it right, I would have loved Poppy, but once again it was cut short. We didn’t learn so much about her, and it just didn’t work.

The other characters I don’t even care to explain. Leaf? He was pointless. EVERYONE talked about him on and on and on, yet he didn’t even AFFECT anything.

The book was already tiny, so there wasn’t a plot. It was more about the characters but unfortunately they fell very flat for me. As for the plot twist? I could see it a million miles away. Not down to the specifics, but the general idea was obvious.

So, my question is, what was the point of this book? If the characters were not good enough, if the plot was not good enough, if it was just not GOOD enough? What do I take away from it? You’d expect there to be at least a moral, but even that was not powerful. It was in the same old monotone tone of Midnight.

Besides all the negative things, I didn’t hate this book. There were some things I enjoyed, for example the writing. Even though it was annoying sometimes I did like the descriptions and also how easy it was to read. I also liked the mysterious feeling to the book itself.

Basically, I was disappointed. Either my expectations were too high, or it was actually just flat. I wouldn’t really recommend this to everyone, but if it interests you like it did me I’d check it out. Its very easy to read and it is a bit fun, though mostly it may cause you distress.

2.75 (or so) stars.

Have you read this book? Do you agree with me on how annoying it was? Please share your thoughts!

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