My All Time Favorite Authors: Updated (Part One)

Hey everyone! First off, I’m sorry for not updating you guys for the past 11 days. I was travelling and I just came home, so I hope you guys forgive me. ❀ Anyways, today I wanted to share with you a list of my all time favorite authors. I actually wrote a post about this last year, however, my opinions have very much changed and I have found newer authors I love as well. You can look at that post here.

Like last time, this list is in no particular order, except that I will have two parts: Part 1 of authors I’ve read a lot of books from, and Part 2 one or two. However, because my list will be so long, I’ve decided to split up parts one and two. So this one will have only authors of part one.

Part 1: Authors I’ve Read 4+ Books Of

  • Firstly, let’s start with…Cassandra Clare. I’ve read 10 books of hers, and I’ve loved each and (almost) every one with all of my heart. I know she has a lot of controversy surrounding her, but I can’t help but love her books because they mean so much to me ❀
  • Then, the classic, Rick Riordan. I’ve read all of his books so far except for The Sword of Summer and The Trials of Apollo (which I will get to soon!). Although I don’t talk about his books so often anymore, PJ is what got me into reading and Rick will forever be one of my favorite authors. (I’ve read over 13 books by him)
  • Next up we have another really popular YA author, Sarah J. Maas. Everyone and their mother loves her books, and for a reason. Of course, I do too ❀ I’ve read all of the books she has put out so far. (7 books.)
  • Kinda following the theme of “Popular YA Fantasy Author” I have Maggie Stiefvater. If you know me then you know I love The Raven Cycle. Even though I have not yet read her other books I fell in love with the four I did read, and she has to be on this list. πŸ™‚
  • Another popular YA author! Marie Lu! I’ve read all five of her books, and I love her new ones even more than Legend. She knows what she’s doing πŸ˜‰
  • Of course, I can’t type up this list without Marissa Meyer…Even though I was a teensy bit disappointed by Winter, I loved her other books and I can’t wait for Heartless to come out! Read book count: 5

And that’s it for Part One of my favorite authors! I hope you enjoyed reading this ❀ Who are some of your favorite authors? Let me know!

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