One of the Most Beautiful Books Ever: The Night Circus 

Oh my. This was so freaking beautiful. It was wonderful
as I said in the title of this post. The writing, the whimsy, the magic, the romance, the ending. It was everything I look for in a book. I picked The Night Circus up on a whim after I found it for two dollars (hardcover!!!) at my local library. And I can say it was one of the best decisions I made all year to read it.
In case you don’t know how this book looks: 

This post is going to be really short, so its basically me gushing about this amazing book, but here goes!

I don’t know how I can possibly explain the genius of Erin Morgenstern. How does one even THINK of everything that went down in this book? How is it even possible? There are so many questions, so many things going on, and they all tie together. This book is why I love reading. Not only did it completely intoxicate me–I finished the last third of it in one sitting, which never happens to me anymore–but I fell in love with it.

This is a special book, guys. I can’t describe it. You can only understand what I mean once you start reading it; once you experience The Night Circus yourself. The atmosphere, the caramel-covered apples, the food and the tents and the mystery. It can’t be described. Go into this book without knowing much, but just know that it will put you into a dream like state. 

All I can say now is, Erin Morgenstern is probably an illusionist herself. Or at least, a magician in her own way. Like Widget, at the end. That ENDING. It was so genius. :’)

This is obviously now one of my favorite books ever. ❤️

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20 thoughts on “One of the Most Beautiful Books Ever: The Night Circus 

  1. I feel like the mysterious, magical atmosphere of this book is almost a character in itself. I read The Night Circus around Christmas time a few years ago and absolutely loved it (it was a perfect time of year to read it, too!). Glad you loved it, and great review! 🙂

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  2. I felt like a wide-eyed wanderer in a magical world reading Night Circus. The night circus seemed so real, and also fragile, as if I were holding a world in suspension above my hand.

    I loved the wonderful uniqueness of the concept and writing. Loved the characters.


  3. Ah, I’m really surprised I haven’t gotten to this one yet! I know it’s super popular and it’s actually similar to a book I recently enjoyed (Caraval) so I SERIOUSLY need to pick this up.

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