My Summer Aesthetic (School’s Finally Out!)

Okay, so school’s been over for a couple days now and this is the first time I’ve felt like blogging, but anyways! First, I’d like to apologize for not posting for nearly two weeks. School went crazy with finals and I wanted to finish it off with a bang of good grades so I dropped everything.

But…now that school is done for two months…it means A LOT of stuff!

First of all, this means more reading. From September to June, I read only about two to three books per month. Now, my goal is to read six or seven books in July and August.

Next…blogging. I NEED to blog more. I’ve come to realize that the less you blog, the less you feel like blogging. When you’re in a blogging slump, you kinda just have to…blog. At least for me, when I stop doing something, it becomes even worse.

This is why I decided I wanted to write a “summer aesthetic” post–kind of like the ones on tumblr. This is my summer aesthetic, I hope you enjoy!

Concept: me, sitting on my couch in the summer, wearing something soft and comfortable, not worrying about anything. A homemade smoothie in my hand, a book in my lap, and the sun filtering through the curtains. 

not mine, belongs to tumblr

That’s my aesthetic #1, haha. Then there’s this one:

Concept: me, sitting at a table at Barnes & Noble’s, sipping a s’mores Frappuccino while peacefully typing on my laptop, putting the last edits into my blog post. Next to my laptop is a newly bought book that was 30% off.

I love Starbucks, hehe.

Those are my “aesthetics” that I have right now. Of course, neither can come true, sadly, because its Ramadan right now and I’m fasting all day. And then I’m going to Turkey (which I’ll talk more about later) but basically I have to wait a month or so until my aesthetics become true.

Did you like this weird, spontaneous post? What are some of YOUR favorite bookish aesthetics in the summer?

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