Morgan Matson Book Signing Recap!

Hey everyone! First off, I’d like to say sorry for not posting for over two weeks. This month has been terribly slow book wise. Even though, ironically, SO many books I wanted came out, it was such a busy month for me. And I only read one book so far, and I haven’t been blogging much. Anyways, about two weeks ago, my best friend and I went to a Morgan Matson signing.

If you didn’t know, Morgan Matson is my favorite contemporary author and one of my favorite authors in general. I’ve loved all of her books and because her new book–The Unexpected Everything–just came out, she was on a tour and luckily she came to the mall really close to my house!

Morgan is also the author of three other books: Second Chance Summer, Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour, and Since You’ve Been Gone. ALL of which I have read and reviewed! (You can click on each of the titles if you want to see my reviews.)

The signing wasn’t too big–about 30 people were there? (That’s considerably small, especially compared to the Alexandra Bracken signing I went to which had over 100 people.) We came right on time, since a few minutes later Morgan Matson came. She first introduced herself, and then talked about The Unexpected Everything and took questions. Then, she read random lines from the book, which I had already finished by then. And of course, finally the actual signing began.

While she was taking questions, I took my opportunity and asked her–of course–about her upcoming book and what she could tell us about it. I wasn’t sure if she was writing a book, but thank goodness she is. This is what I’ve gathered about it during the signing:

  • I think(?) it has to do with one of the main character’s best friend’s siblings from TUE.
  • It is NOT going to be taking place over the summer, it’ll be spring break instead.
  • The time frame will be a couple of days.
  • Its about a wedding that’s happening and family is coming over.

Of course, Morgan is only writing the first draft right now so, so a lot might change, but that doesn’t make me any less excited.

Then, we got into the signing line and I was so excited and nervous at the same time that I started speaking super quickly and you can tell I was flustered by the photo I took. She signed two of my books, since I don’t own all of them, and I told her how much I love her books. I also asked her another question: if her new book will have a strong sister relationship, and she said yes! I asked her because my sister was sick so she couldn’t come, and when I told her that, she gave my sister an additional “The Unexpected Everything” pouch which I got as well!


Morgan reading from TUE 🙂

Morgan was super sweet to everyone and one thing I thought was really unique about her signing–and I’ve been to many signings–was that she not only gave pouches, but she also took a photo with her polaroid and gave the photo of her readers and her. It was so, so cute ❤ I actually currently have mine up in my room because I love it so much :’)

After that, we left but I will forever hold that day in my heart just because it was such a great experience. Not only did I see my best friend who I can barely see anymore, but I also met one of my favorite authors which was a valuable experience in itself.


Not so great quality, but that’s the polaroid I took with her <33

And that’s how this amazing event went 🙂

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