Saving Money While Buying Books!

Hey everyone! First off, I’d just like to apologize to you all for being MIA for like the past ten days. I kept forgetting about blogging; and as I mentioned before I haven’t had a lot of inspiration either. It may also be because I’m barely reading, too.

Anyways, I think this is a really important topic because well:

  • We all love books
  • We all love buying books
  • But books = money
  • So how do we save money but buy books at the same time??

That’s why in this post I’m going to talk to you guys about how I save money on books–and how YOU can too!

When I first started avidly buying books, the only place I bought them was for full price at in store Barnes & Noble’s, for full price. For a few months this was okay…when I realized how annoying it was. That’s when I started looking for alternatives. The first part of this post will include ways people already know about. Then, the second part will include methods that I’VE discovered.

Buying Books Online.

I actually think a majority of book readers buy their books online. For one thing, on almost all online platforms, books are MUCH cheaper. As in, 7 or 8 dollars cheaper–which is a lot cheaper for a hardcover book. However, for people like me, you can’t buy books online all the time. I don’t have a credit card and whenever I want to buy something online I need to ask my parents which gets annoying–so I prefer not to buy books online. That’s why I needed to find other methods–which I’ll be getting to.

However, if you do want to buy books online, Amazon basically has every book for a really cheap price, and if you have Prime you get free shipping, Barnes & Noble’s website is also just as cheap, BookDepository (which I personally have never used) ships internationally for free, and has the CHEAPEST books ever. (The only downside is that they don’t have every book ever and they run out really quickly.)

My number one recommendation: Barnes & Noble’s Membership.

I know SO many people who say that Barnes and Noble’s memberships aren’t worth it. However, I personally found that it was SO worth it. First off, its only 25$ a year. If you’re like me and you spend at least 50$ on books a month, well, you’re going to be saving a lot.

Second, for EVERY book you buy you get at least 10% off. I know that sounds like a little, but wait. You get free shipping on the Barnes & Noble’s website, and they send you coupons ALL YEAR round, basically every week.


the coupon I got last weekend

With a 20% off coupon + 10% Membership discount, that’s 30% off on the book. Which means you already get a sale of 5/6 dollars.

For bestselling books, you can get up to 50% off. Especially if you buy books on their site, you can buy hardcover books for 7-8$ with coupons. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s a pretty good deal.

Unfortunately I don’t think the same things apply for international folks–I’m so sorry for you guys. The rest of this list will also probably be for US/and maybe Canada people.

Finding Different Store Alternatives

I also save a lot of money by buying books from places that aren’t necessarily bookstores. My biggest recommendation is Target for those of you who have a Target in your area. Not only are there actually quite a few books at Target, but all of them are at least 20% off and some are even 40% off! Of course they don’t sell every book you might want, but a lot of popular new releases are there and those are the books I tend to read.

Another place you can go to is Costco! If you didn’t know, you’re probably like, COSTCO? What the heck would books be doing at Costco? Well, actually Costco brings quite a few books in every once in a while, and they’re SUPER cheap. Again, like Target, there is not really a big variety, but they bring in popular new releases for like 40% off. For example: I bought The Selection, The Elite, The One, An Ember In The Ashes, and Lady Midnight (ALL HARDCOVER) for ten dollars each. That would be around 50$ in total in comparison to the 90$ I would have spent if I bought the books for full price.

Secondhand books.

Another thing I’ve realized is that many readers rarely ever buy second hand books. For me, this is actually a really good option. Semi-annually there’s a book sale at my local library where I can buy books in almost perfect condition for a few dollars. And all year long there’s always a stack of books in the library that you can buy. Of course, this is kind of like a scavenger hunt because most new releases aren’t there, but I’ve found quite a few lucky gems there!

Another option are independent book stores. A lot of indie book stores have second hand sections. In fact, some only have really cheap second hand books! The one in my area is really far so I’ve only been there twice, but I’m lucky because they have a huge variety of books that are old and new. In fact, I bought the entire Shiver trilogy hardcover for 18$!

Basically, keep your eyes open.

A lot of times most of the books I’ve found for cheaper was because I’m constantly looking for new options. Whether that be finding good condition books at my library, or not missing coupons, keeping your eyes open will hopefully work.

I hope this post was helpful!! Please let me know if you read all of it and let ME know if there are any methods I’m missing that I should try out on to save money!

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4 thoughts on “Saving Money While Buying Books!

  1. love this! i have never really thought about the B&N membership, but you may have just talked me into it. is awesome, too! free shipping when you spend a certain amount (easy to do!) and emailed coupons as well!


  2. Love this! I have Amazon Prime and it’s totally worth it, not only for books but for anything you buy that’s Prime eligible. I also love Half-Price Books, which will sell new releases for 20% regular price and I find amazing hardbacks for less than $9 and some as cheap as $5! They also have amazing deals all year around!


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