Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi | Review & Discussion

I finally (!) finished the Shatter Me trilogy by Tahereh Mafi last week, by reading Ignite Me, the last book. If you guys don’t know about this series, especially how beautiful the covers are, I don’t know what you’ve been doing but here are the covers anyway! I also have a review for Unravel Me, linked here.

They really are beautiful. ❤

Anyways, now let’s get to the actual review!

First I’d like to say that this series definitely improved over time. I wasn’t one of the people who hated Shatter Me when I first read it; I thought it was okay. Then I really enjoyed Unravel Me, and Ignite Me was even better than Unravel Me.

Juliette completely transformed.

This series has the best character development I’ve read about in such a long time, and I loved how much Juliette’s character improved. I also really love Warner, and of course, Kenji. Kenji is my FAVORITE.

Then of course there’s Adam…and Adam, I’m sorry, but I don’t think anyone likes you. But you’re kind of a mean controlling jerk towards Juliette and you don’t want her to be herself. So. There’s that.

I LOVED LOVED LOVED the scenes with Warner; and I was literally waiting for them to come around just because I had heard a lot about the scenes. However, although I loved the romance, I feel like the ending was a bit rushed and that Tahereh could have pushed it a little longer.

That leads to why I didn’t give this book five stars.

First of all, I think the biggest reason this book fell a bit flat for me was because I was way too hyped for it. I was not only hyped by others, but I was also really hyped by myself. That’s why I kind of new everything was coming, and I think it really took away from my reading experience because I wasn’t surprised by anything.

I also think another reason this may have fell flat is because I loved Lady Midnight so much that it just couldn’t compare to the level of amazing-ness that book contained. Also: another reason. When I was reading, I was mostly tired and even though I was enjoying the book, I was kind of passively enjoying it. I wasn’t really emotionally connected to the characters as I had been in Unravel Me, which I guess is my fault. It may be because it had been a long time since I read Unravel Me, or maybe it’s because my reading taste has changed since then. But another note to say: this series has always been kind of a guilty pleasure for me: I read it for the romance, not because of the plot.

So yea. I know I couldn’t really explain why I didn’t love this book as much as Unravel Me, but I don’t think I know myself. I just didn’t have that extra urge of love or excitement I had before, and that makes me sad. I wish I had enjoyed this more, but sadly I can only give it four stars.

Note: that does not mean I didn’t enjoy this book! I really really did! I’m just saying, I was expecting more and my expectations were not fully satisfied. (And the 5 stars I gave Unravel Me is a year ago, my rating my have been different if I read it now, just to clarify.)

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