Alexandra Bracken Event Recap!

A few days ago, or last Friday, I attended an Alexandra Bracken signing at my local Barnes & Noble’s–and it was SO great! That’s why I decided to talk about it a bit on here. I’m so happy I was able to go because I had such a great time and I already know this event is going to make my highlights of the month. 🙂

But first off–let’s introduce Alex! If you don’t know, Alexandra Bracken is the author of The Darkest Minds trilogy, Passenger (the first book in a duology), and Star Wars: A New Hope.


Even though I haven’t finished The Darkest Minds trilogy, since I read the first book a year and a half ago, I really enjoyed it and I was really looking forward to this event. I also was REALLY excited for Passenger because everyone loves it–and I’m currently reading it now and can understand why, since it’s so good. Alex really has a way with words and she’s an amazing person too.

Also: she’s ADORABLE.

I love her new hair color, too! 🙂

The event was at 7:00, and there was A LOT of people. Even though we came about an hour before the event actually began, we (my younger sister and brother) almost couldn’t get any seats! What was special about this event for us was that both me and my siblings read Alex’s books, which made it all the more amazing. For about an hour, Alex talked about her writing experience and people asked her questions and tips.

It was all so interesting because Alex is a popular author and being able to listen to her talk and meeting her was a surreal inexperience in itself. Anyways, then we got into line. Even though we waited about an hour, it was worth it. Then me and my siblings walked up to her. This is how our conversation went: (Believe me, I know because my mom took a video of it all :D)

Me: *walks up, with siblings trailing behind me* Hi!

Alex: Hi! How’s it going?

Me: (Because I’m awkward) Great, how are you? I forced my siblings to come along here and read your books as well *all the time smiling and giggling*

Alex: Aww, you’re amazing. So how do you want me to sign your book?

Me: Um, my name is Silanur.

Alex: Could you spell it for me? Sorry, I’m so tired right now and I’m brain dead, haha.

Me: *laughs* And then I spell out my name WAY too quickly so I have to spell it out again.

Alex: *gives the book back*

Me: *Asks to take some Passenger/TDM goodies*

Then my siblings also got their books signed, and when Alex was signing my brother’s book I told her that he’s a huge star wars fan so I told him to read her book so we could meet her. ❤ I was actually going to ask her if she included any part of the Ottoman Empire in her books, but I forgot to out of nervousness. WHOOPS.

After we all got our books signed, my mom took a picture of all three of us, though I won’t be sharing that on here. 🙂 But Alex also took a photo of everyone at the event! (Hint hint: I’m the one with the bright yellow headscarf)

One last thing: let me tell you guys, I sincerely believe with all my heart that Alex is one of the cutest, sweetest people alive. She was just SO nice and cute and AHHH I feel so happy thinking about this event! I’m so happy I got the rare opportunity to meet her because it truly was an amazing experience. 🙂

Have any of you also met Alexandra Bracken on her tour? ISN’T SHE ADORABLE?

The only thing I regret is not asking her the questions I meant to ask and buying more of her books to get signed–I’m too broke! :’)


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