How do you decide the next book you’re going to read?

This question (the title) is a topic I’ve been wanting to discuss with you all for a while:

How do you decide the next book to read?

And I decided I would write about it today!

So generally, I do create monthly TBRs. I’m not against them; in fact, I really like them because it reminds me which books I want to prioritize for the month. However, that being said, I’m very much a mood reader. “Mood readers” will randomly pick up a book depending on their mood, and will not force themselves to read certain books.

From what I’ve seen across the book community–I think a lot of people are mood readers. If you just shove a book at me, and tell me to read it–even if it’s on my TBR, I won’t feel like reading it and I probably won’t. If I do end up reading it, I may not even enjoy it as much because I wasn’t feeling the book.

But just because I’m generally a mood reader doesn’t mean I don’t follow my TBR, and I think that’s a common misconception across the book community. When I create my monthly TBRs, I add books onto the list that I feel like reading!  

So as a summary: yes, I am a mood reader, but I also do follow my TBR because I create my TBR based on my mood.

I know this was a really spontaneous post, and I probably don’t even make sense, but oh well. I hope I made sense though!

How do YOU choose which books to read next? Do you follow your TBR, or are you a mood reader? Or…are you like me?

–Silanur ❤

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6 thoughts on “How do you decide the next book you’re going to read?

  1. Great post! ❤
    I definitely am a mood reader as well! *nervous laugh* Just like you mentioned, even I hate being forced to read something (maybe that's why I don't even stick to TBRs haha). It kinda ruins my interest in the book. 🙈

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  2. I usually make a TBR but I don’t really respect it (except when I have to read books for college because I don’t have a choice then…) I’m more of a mood reader! And if I buy a new book it will either wait on my shelves forever, or I’ll pick it up as soon as I get home ~

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