Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Debut Authors Whose Sophomore Novels To Look Forward To

If you didn’t know, Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the wonderful Broke and Bookish. You can learn more about it here! This week’s topic was “Top 10 Debut Authors Whose Sophomore Novels To Look Forward To”. Now since I realized I didn’t read too many debut novels this year, I only have 8 on this list but here we go anyways! 🙂

This list is in no particular order and all of these are 2015 Debuts;

I absolutely CAN NOT wait for A Torch Against The Night, since AEITA was fantastic! ❤ I hope it doesn’t disappoint! (One of my favorites of this year) Review here.

This book guys. Its fantastic. I love it so much, and I know Jasmine is writing another book that is going to come out next year, but I need it now. (This is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES. And possibly my all time favorite contemporary novel.)

I also know Jennifer Niven is writing a new YA book (I think for next year) but we’ve barely heard any news about it except for on her Instagram, but I’m dying for it! NEED IT IN MY LIFE. (another all time favorite!)

This was a fantastic first book and I’m really hoping Melissa Grey writes an even better sequel (which is going to be The Shadow Hour) Review here!

I finished this book a few weeks ago and I’m still in awe by how strangely beautiful it was. Highly recommended, and I *obviously* can’t wait for David Arnold’s next book, Kids of Appetite! 🙂

This is obviously not Sophie Kinsella’s first book, but it IS her YA Debut novel! I really really loved it–it was hilarious and I can’t wait to read more of her YA works, if she publishes any!

This was also a really great contemporary debut, and I will for sure pick up any of Nicola Yoon’s future works. 🙂 Review here.

Although I do think this book is overhyped, I still enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to reading Glass Sword!

Anyways, who are some of YOUR favorite debut authors of 2015? I know I will read more debut books this year (The Wrath and the Dawn…) but these are the ones on my list so far! Please let me know in the comments!

–Silanur ❤


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