Fairest by Marissa Meyer — Review!

Hey guys! I finished reading Fairest by Marissa Meyer last night and I loved it! I am now so, so excited to read Winter which comes out so very soon… 🙂 You can check out Fairest on Goodreads here and buy it on Amazon here!

The beautiful, chilling cover:

photo from my bookstagram, aloofbooks

That…that was heartbreaking. Oh gosh, it really was. When people told me that this book would make me sympathize with Levana, I knew I would. But not this much. I did not expect to almost cry in multiple scenes and truly understand why Levana was so cruel.

Levana is probably the best villain that has ever been written, along with Adelina from The Young Elites. She’s so complex, she has so much depth to her character and REASONS. She has reasons for doing everything she does. I know it sounds gruesome, but think about it: who would stay normal and kind after everything Levana’s been through? Who would? The answer is: no one. No one would. That’s why, reading from Levana’s perspective, understanding her was so intriguing.

I connected to her.

No, I am not a psycho Lunar queen who killed her niece and plotted her husband’s death. But it made sense, you know? I got why she did the things she did. She believed she was doing the right thing, she truly did. She thought it would be for the best of her country, and when you think about it—she actually did do what is best for her country. I’m not saying it was morally correct, but she improved Luna and did her job as her queen.

And also, the things she’s gone through? They are terrible. Terrible! It’s normal for her NOT to be normal. I seriously felt like crying for her in some scenes. Of course she wasn’t normal; she was obsessed with Evret and she’s a manipulative queen, but it still broke my heart after all she tried (okay she didn’t do the right things but she still TRIED) when Evret didn’t love her. Or he didn’t even try to love her. It broke my heart when she saw herself in the mirror.

It wasn’t her fault in the beginning. She wasn’t born evil. No one is. Her sister, Channary may have caused it. Her parents…living as a royal…But mostly, I think, what caused it was her lack of love. And that’s what makes her story so tragic but her character so deep and that’s what makes me love Levana as a villain and this series so special.

This has me so excited for Winter—sad, because this wonderful series is going to end, but still so excited. :’)


5 Lunar Stars.


7 thoughts on “Fairest by Marissa Meyer — Review!

  1. Glad you enjoyed this book too! I lovedddd seeing things from Levana’s perspective and discovering the truth behind all her evil. Her sister was seriously cruel. And I felt so bad for her throughout, like you said, all she really wanted was to be loved-she never had a good role model for that sort of thing so it makes sense she ended up so messed up lol. I almost forgot how terrible she was in the other books haha.

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