The Young Elites by Marie Lu | Spoiler-Free Quick Thoughts

Buy this book on Amazon here and check it out on Goodreads here. The cover:

Dark, heart-stopping, and utterly beautiful. Such a good book.

Damn . If I had to describe this book in one word, it would be damn . Why, you may ask? Well let me tell you.

Damn , because the book itself was just so good. Damn , because the writing and the story was so dark and wonderfully intriguing to read about. Damn because the romance was heart-stopping and the action scenes were wonderful and Adelina was such a strong, dark heroine and the plot twists were so perfect and the characters, oh the characters were phenomenal…and b>damn for everything else I loved.

But seriously guys. This was SO good.

It’s actually quite ridiculous that I only just read this book. It really is. I mean, I waswaiting for it to come out last year, but I never got around to reading it because I never bought it. Until, of course, the beautiful Leah from @leavingthroughthepages on Instagram bought it for me! (Thank you lovely! I appreciate it so much, as I’ve said a million times <3)

I don’t feel like writing an actual review for this, just because I’m just going to gush about it. That’s all I’m going to do. BUT I LOVED IT. I loved it even more than the Legend trilogy–at least as much as Prodigy, which is my personal favorite–and that’s saying something, because I love the Legend trilogy. Marie Lu, you are one fantastic author.

The world she builds–dark and intriguing–is so intricate and there are so many things going on. And the characters…well the characters are just beautiful. Flawed, but beautiful. Especially Adelina. Adelina has now made it to my top ten favorite heroines (or anti-heroines?) just because I came to love her character so much.

She’s evil, yes, but there’s a reason behind it all the time. She’s been through so much, everything she does is reasonable and even though you KNOW she shouldn’t be doing it, you still support her. Because as a reader, as time passes, you somewhat are attached to her. (At least that’s what happened to me)

Anyways, Adelina is easily my favorite character in this book, but the other characters were also so interesting to read about. I really hope The Rose Society is as good as this, because I expect a lot from it. I’m so excited to read about the future things that will happen, and how Adelina’s story continues…

(An instant new favorite of mine.)

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