Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas | Review and Discussion!

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Note: this review is very mixed and scattered and random. But if you read all of it, please let me know! And also let me know your thoughts as well!

4.5 stars, rounding up to five!

I have a lot of things to say about this book, so let’s begin! First of all, though, I would just like to say that I probably would have loved this much more if I read it faster. See, it’s not entirely my fault. It’s like the world was against me reading this book, so it took me 9 days to read it. NINE. That’s probably the longest it has taken me to read a book in a while.

But I have my excuses. I mean, the book itself is huge. It’s intimidating, really–especially for me, because I read fantasy books really slowly. Also, I didn’t get this on the release day. I know I only got it one day late, but by that time I caught a really bad cold and my brain stopped working. I didn’t read this book for like three days because of my cold. Then, school started. And I couldn’t read, because my school is extremely competitive and I never had the time to although school just started.

ANYWAYS. That went off course. What I’m trying to say is that I wish I had read it in less than 9 days. But whatever. Done is done.

I wanted to make this review spoiler free, but I couldn’t. So if you haven’t yet read Queen of Shadows, LEAVE NOW. SPOILERS ARE COMING YOUR WAY.

Queen of Shadows picks up where Aelin is in Rifthold and she is kind of playing along with Arobynn in order to get back the wyrdkey. Although it was really interesting to be back with Arobynn and introduced to new characters, I couldn’t get into the story about until the 300th page. And that’s a lot–about half the book–which is also probably why it took me so long to read this.

I don’t really want to go in what happened in this book, so rather, I’ll just go over my thoughts and mention some scenes that I liked/disliked. The most important thing I want to discuss, though, is the romance.

I’m getting into some dangerous lines with unpopular opinions here…so please don’t kill me because I don’t like a certain character.

I don’t ship Rowan and Celaena.

Phew. There. I said it. I let it out, and now I’ll explain why.Don’t get me wrong: I really like Rowan’s character. I do. He’s strong, handsome, badass, sarcastic, the list goes on and one. HOWEVER: I do not like how he just turned into a romantic interest in this book while in Heir of Fire he was Celaena’s friend. I would rather he just be her friend, the person she leans on, instead of be her romantic interest.

Since I don’t ship Rowaelin, it really took my entertainment out of this book. I mean, I still did love it. But I liked the previous books more, because whenever something happened between Rowan and Aelin (also sorry I keep switching back between the two names) I didn’t enjoy it.

Possibly because Dorian is my favorite. He has always been, since the first book. My sweet, sweet baby too innocent for the world. I mean, how could Aelin NOT choose him? I don’t understand why she likes Rowan when she shares so many things with Dorian. They both like to read, at the end of Queen of Shadows they both become king and queen (see the connection there? They can get married and bring peace over Terrasen and Adarlan), they both yield very powerful magic, they’re both so GOOD TOGETHER. Yet Aelin goes to Rowan. And now I’m beginning to dislike Rowan for that reason, because I JUST WANT DORIAN. DORIAN DORIAN DORIAN. Not Rowan. NO.

So yes, the romance took a toll on my enjoyment of this book. Honestly, I never really shipped Chaolena either, but I liked them together more than Rowaelin. (I’ll get to Chaol later.)

Besides the romance, the only thing I can complain about in this book, or the reason why I didn’t love it as much, was because I thought it was much slower and I couldn’t get into it. (Though this may have been because my personal life interfered with the book.) I just really hope in the end, Dorian and Aelin get married and have many children and read together and they just love each other. Because I need that to happen. Poor Dorian. Gosh, my heart hurts for him. I was so extremely happy when he was free of the demon.

Now let’s get to the other side of the story: Manon’s and Elide’s.Unlike a lot of people, I LOVED their storyline. Some people don’t like Manon because she’s too brutal, or they think her storyline is boring, but I think quite differently. In fact, at some points in the story, I got bored of Aelin’s storyline and waswaiting in anticipation for Manon’s and Elide’s POVS. I personally really love Manon’s character. Yes, she has flaws, and she’s evil sometimes, and really harsh, but I just love how she acts in general. Sometimes I like reading from POVS like that and Manon is just the character.

I love how Manon’s character develops by the end of the book, when she realizes all the evil things her grandmother did and how she tries to fix her own mistake by rescuing Elide or helping out Aelin by writing the signs. I think Manon is going to be a very important character in the next two books, and I really hope she finds someone because I love her. Even though she may be a bit brutal, I think she may make it to my top heroines… (I love her as much as Aelin.)

Then there’s Elide. You can’t help but love her character as well, in my opinion. She’s been through so much, yet she still perseveres and she has hope. Her family is dead, her uncle shackled her and put her in prison, and she has to do so many things that are terrible. AND she’s half-witch, so she doesn’t really know where she belongs. I really hope Elide can find Aelin because she doesn’t deserve all the terrible things that happened to her.

I know my character analysis is getting really long, but there are a couple more I want to discuss, one of them being Asterin. The first time I read about Asterin, I knew she would be important. She’s obviously one of the more important witches, and by the end, you feel so bad for her. I can’t even imagine what she’s been through, and when she explains her past to Manon I got so emotional. Again, I really hope Asterin turns out happy in the end because I know she’s a good person witch inside.

After her…Chaol. Personally, in the previous books, I always thought Chaol to be bland, and I think I still do. I don’t really think he has anything special to offer, and especially at the beginning of this book I wasn’t liking his attitude. But by the end, he had some MIRACULOUS character development. I loved the scene where he thought he was going to die next to the king, and now I think I’ve come to like him much more. And him with Nesryn? YUP. I ship it. (Although he can’t walk right now. But I really hope he can in the future.)

Finally, the last person I want to discuss is Lysandra. Lysandra, if you’ve read The Assasin’s Blade, was one of my least favorite characters. Emphasis on the “was.” She’s mean, competing with Celaena, and you don’t want to mess with her. But in this one, GAH in this one I LOVED her as well! I adore her snarky personality, and when it was revealed that she is a shape shifter, I was really surprised. I also loved how Aelin finally got a female friend. ❤

Anyways, that’s all I want to say about the characters, and basically all of what I wanted to say about the book. Another part I really loved were the quotes, and of course, “fire breathing btch-queen.” BWAHAHHAHAHAHAHA. Now here’s just a quick list of things I want happening in the next two books:

1. I NEED my Dorian to be happy. I don’t know if he will find someone, preferably Aelin, but I feel like something might happen with Manon…? I don’t know. Honestly, I just want someone for him to be happy with, although I want Aelin with him the most.

2. Rowan I don’t really care about. If he dies in a heroic way, okay. I’ll get a bit sad. But honestly, I really don’t ship him with Aelin.

3. AEDION + LYSANDRA = needs to happen. I didn’t talk much about Aedion, but I think these two would be perfect together.

4. Manon, Asterin, and Elide all find someone they love.

5. Aelin kicks everyone’s butts and that evil Perrington out of town. I know I didn’t really discuss the plot, but I wasn’t suspecting that the previous king and Perrington had demons in them, and that’s why they were so evil. But Aelin just needs to kill him. Stat.

6. Nesryn and Chaol. ❤ SAH CUTE. And Chaol better get better. (Haha that sounds weird.)

AND THAT’S THE END OF THIS WEIRD, SCATTERED REVIEW! As a summary, I really did love this (except the majority of the romance) and I can’t wait for the 5th book! I just really hope Dorian is happy in the end…

And damn, I wrote so much. I wonder if anyone even read this…if you did, tell me! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas | Review and Discussion!

  1. I ship Lysandra and Aedion…like that needs to happen in the next book. I absolutely hated Lysandra in the Assassin’s Blade, but then she came out of nowhere with her secret and she’s so badass. I also ship Aelin and Lysandra’s friendship. I can’t wait for the next one!

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