Mini-Review of The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey!

You can buy this book on Amazon here and check it out on Goodreads here! The cover is below:

(This will be spoiler-free, so don’t worry. There’s only one spoiler and that is tagged; you won’t see it unless you click on it.)

Just so you guys know, The 5th Wave is my all time favorite science fiction novel that’s set in an apocalyptic world. (Note on “apocalyptic”, as Cinder and Obsidian are my other fave sci-fi books.) I loved every single bit of it. The characters, the badass quotes, the plot twists, E V E R Y T H I N G. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, weeks, even months after I finished reading it in September 2014.

I loved it.

From there, I think you can imagine my expectations of this book. Well, my expectations went kind of low after this one was published. Unlike its predecessor, it was really short. Everyone who read it seemed to be disappointed. So I put it off for basically a year, despite the fact that I love The 5th Wave. Until I read it a few days ago.

Yes, I’ll admit: this definitely was not as good as The 5th Wave. But I still loved reading it. I’ve missed these characters, this crazy world, and especially the plot twists. For half the book, I was confused because I’d forgotten many things, but once it picked up, I found that I was enjoying myself although some things were bothering me.

So. For my overall feelings on this book; duh–I loved the first one more. But did I still really love this one? Yes. And am I excited for The Last Star? HELL YES. (but why did they push the release date back? *cries*)

Also. Those plot twists freaking blew my mind. (view spoiler)

I still have a lot of questions left for the last book though.Yancey better write a concluding last novel. HE BETTER.

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