Half Bad by Sally Green | Spoiler-Free Review, Discussion, and Rant

Here’s my review for Half Bad by Sally Green! You can check this book out on Goodreads here. I would normally put the cover of this book below but my iPad decided not to work with me, so sorry about that. :/

Rating: 2.5 stars. Note that my rating may change in the future (probably decrease) when I feel like I was being too generous towards this book. 

Before I start, I would just like to say that I had high hopes going into this book. I wasn’t sure if I would fall in love with it, but I was at least expecting to like it more than I did. Now onto my actual review.

Half Bad tells the story of two races of witches: the White witches and Black witches and the clash between “good” and “bad” between these two races. I have to give the author the credit, that, despite the fact that I didn’t love the story, Green does create an intriguing world to read about–though the world wasn’t what I was expecting at all and so I was quite disappointed. 

In Nathan’s, the main character’s world, the White witches are supposedly “good”, so they use their abilities for good causes, while the Black witches, are simply “bad”. Of course in reality it isn’t this way, but that is how it is known throughout the general Witch population. 

Nathan is really unique–he is a Half Code, which basically means he is a mix between a Black witch and a White witch. He lives with his half-siblings (who are pure Whites) and he is an outcast among White witches because not only is he part Black, but he is also the son of the most terrifying Black witch–Marcus. 

Throughout the entire book, Nathan is constantly being punished because of his father. He is shackled, put into a cage, and is always discriminated even when he is not being tortured. He is also always trying to sort himself out–is he good? Bad? Evil? Is he like his father? Or mother? White? Black? Half Code? And so on, so forth. 

Honestly that’s all I can give you as a summary. If that interests you, pick it up, though I wouldn’t really recommend it because although this was not a terrible book, and I definitely didn’t hate it, I only enjoyed bits and pieces of it. So you can say it wasn’t worth my time–I was almost DNF’ing it and that is definitely saying something because I rarely ever DNF books.

Now onto my ranting thoughts:

First of all, probably the biggest reason I didn’t enjoy this book so much, was because of the main character and the writing style. I hated reading from Nathan’s point of view. I couldn’t understand him. He was sometimes really whiny, then sometimes brave, and I didn’t see any major character development. He was also, in my opinion, a very bland character (like most of the characters) and I wasn’t attached to him at all. 

As for the writing, it just wasn’t nice to read. Throughout the entire book I felt detached from the characters and I was skimming through thr words because I wasn’t enjoying the writing style. At the moment I can’t put my finger on what specifically was wrong with the writing style, but I didn’t like it.

For practically everything else, I didn’t hate anything, but NOTHING made me appreciate the book more. The romantic interest, Annalise, was boring–Nathan practically worshipped Annalise as if she was a goddess–and there was instalove between them. Also, no one can be perfect like Annalise is. Her character just wasn’t real. She was fake. Like, Barbie Doll fake.

The first half of the book was oh-so-boring, then it started picking up, but the only part of the book I actually enjoyed were the last 50 pages. The minor characters were more interesting to read about than Nathan, but I thought that none of them were really developed. If I had to choose a favorite character, they would eiher be Ellen or Arran just because I enjoyed their personalities more.

Teeny spoiler here: Also, I don’t know why everyone loves Gabriel. The thing that’s going on between him and Nathan? Uhm, no. Instalove alert, once again. 

All-in-all, this definitely was not a terrible book, but it was ‘half bad’. I didn’t necessarily hate anything about it, but I didn’t really enjoy anything either. Almost everything was bland, from the characters to the plot to the writing, and I will probably not be continuing with the series although I’ve heard it gets better.

–Silanur ❤


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