Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson | Spoiler-free Review & Discussion!

Buy Since You’ve Been Gone here on Amazon & check out the synopsis here on Goodreads. Below is a picture I took with it and posted on my Instagram, also featuring Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour:

Okay I know every single review of this book out there starts with this, but…

In a well-ordered universe, Morgan Matson will write a new book every day and I will read and love each and every one of them.

This is my third (and last book that is currently out) by Morgan Matson and I think it’s safe to say that she is a genius at writing perfect, sweet, but deep summer contemporaries. (She’s actually one of my favorite authors now!)

I had my eyes on Since You’ve Been Gone the day I learned about it and heard it’s synopsis. However, I never got the opportunity to read it until now, and I’m so glad I did! Although I didn’t love this as much as Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour , just because that one hit me more emotionally as it is a favorite of mine, I still loved it. I don’t think I can properly gush about how beautiful the stories Morgan Matson creates.

Since You’ve Been Gone is not only the story of a friendship, but also a story of a girl trying to find herself, and accepting who she is. Just like her other two books, Emily, the main protagonist, feels like she doesn’t belong at the beginning of the novel. She wants to be able to fit in, but she can’t. But, of course, by the end of the book there is miraculous character development and GAH, its just so good.

If you want a summary, you can look at the Goodreads synopsis since it pretty much explains what this book is about. It’s 1:00 AM in the morning right now so I don’t feel like going into a summary. All you have to know going into this book is that it is about a friendship, finding yourself, and while reading it I can guarantee that you will love it.

Throughout the course of the novel, Emily’s goal is to be able to find Sloane by accomplishing the list Sloane left her. She basically worships Sloane. In her head, Sloane is not only her best friend but the person she literally looks up to. At the end, though, Emily realizes that she herself is a person of her own, and that Sloane is just a person with flaws too, not a goddess.

I know I’m forgetting everything I wanted to say about this book because I’m just gushing about it, but… Sorry. The only thing my brain is processing right now is that I want more pages because it was a satisfying read, but you can never get enough of Morgan Matson.

While her other two novels focus more on family issues, this one focuses more on friendship, which I also loved. It is, once again, so unique to read a book where the main character is not solely focused on the love interest. This does have romance in it, but minimal and slowly moving so it is not overwhelming at all. Though sometimes–I do have to admit–I just wanted to shove Emily and Frank’s lips together because COME ON ALREADY.


Anyways, as I said before, right now I obviously can’t say anything but positive things about this book and you should read it. Its just so good, so good, that I want more.


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