Things We Know By Heart by Jessi Kirby| Spoiler-free Review!

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I’ve read this book, and since I wanted to review it, I wanted to do it now otherwise I’m going to forget everything else I want to say.

You can buy Things We Know By Heart here on Amazon and check out the link here on Goodreads! Before I begin, let’s just appreciate the cuteness of the cover:

I would just like to get it out there that I really thought this book had a unique plot–especially as a contemporary novel. If you don’t know, it’s about a girl named Quinn who’s boyfriend, Trent died in a car accident. Quinn and Trent really loved each other. Like they were literally in love. So, when Trent dies, obviously Quinn gets really upset and she keeps obsessing over the fact that she lost Trent.

Although Trent dies, his organs are donated to people who need them. One by one, someone receives his organs–including his heart. (I mean, duh, that’s what this whole book is centered about) Quinn decides that it is a good idea to get in contact with all of the people Trent’s organs went to. She supposedly believes that this will get her over Trent, although I think she does it because she’s too attached to him, but I’ll talk about that more later. One by one, she sends out letters to everyone, and one by one, she gets in touch with everyone–all but the person who received Trent’s heart.

The person who received his heart makes it very clear that he does not want to be reminded of his hard past, but of course Quinn (as an idiot in the beginning of the book) decides it’s a smart idea to stalk (like literally, stalk) the guy who got Trent’s heart. Somehow, through all of her stalking research, Quinn finds Colton and begins spending time with him. She originally plans to tell him the real reason she found him, but as the time passes, she can’t bear to because she is an idiot coward afraid to hurt Colton’s feelings.

As you would expect, this book is basically about how Colton and Quinn fall in love, despite the fact that Quinn does not want to share anything about her past. That’s it for my summary. Now let’s move onto my thoughts on the book.

Overall, I really enjoyed this novel. It was cute, fluffy, and made me happy and smiling. However, although there weren’t huge things that bothered me, there were plenty of small things that made me give this 3.75 stars.

My biggest problem with this book was the main character, Quinn, and all of her angst. I understand that she lost the love of her life, but she expects everyone and everything in the world to pity her. She likes being pitied. She obsesses over how many days she lost Trent ago, and when she starts to lose track because she’s actually happy, she gets mad at herself. It’s really quite ridiculous.

Another reason why I disliked Quinn was because she thought she started developing feelings for Colton because he had Trent’s heart. I just wanted to smack some sense into her. Me throughout almost all of the novel:

Anyways, she wasn’t really annoying annoying but she was a boring character’s POV to read from. At least she got better until the end. So she did have character development, but it wasn’t all that impressing–she was still whiny.

Boring-whiny-pity-wanting-character aside, the other reason I didn’t enjoy this quite as much as I wanted to was because the characters kind of bored me. They just didn’t feel real. For me, when I’m reading a contemporary, one of the things I care the most for is the “realness” of the characters. If the characters don’t feel real, if I can’t connect to them, if they bore me, I won’t enjoy the story so much. And in this one, even Colton bored me and usually I’m not that bored by love interests.

Moving on from the things that I didn’t like, I really enjoyed the overall message of the novel. Not only was it cute to read and made a smile plaster onto my face, it also had a deeper meaning which I always appreciate. Despite the little things I didn’t enjoy, I would still really recommend you to pick this book up. It has a pretty interesting premise, its fluffy and light, and it’s an absolutely perfect summer read.

Final rating? 3.75 stars. I’d recommend it to anyone looking to get out of a book slump or hangover. I wouldn’t compare it to Stephanie Perkins or Kasie West, but it’s still a really fun and light read.

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  1. I loved things we know by heart. To be honest I never lost my boyfriend or someone else but I can totally understand how she counts the days since his death. I hope you have a great day 😘

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