The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa | Spoiler-Free Review!

Wow, I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed this book! This will be a spoiler-free review, so don’t worry. You can read the entire thing even if you haven’t yet read this book. You can buy it on Amazon here, and here’s the cover that I read from:

The Immortal Rules is a very unique book. It takes vampires and adds them into a dystopian world with zombies called “rabids”. I was, at first, hesitant to pick this book up because I’ve never read a dystopian vampire story, but I’m happy I did because it was really good!

Basically, our main character Allison Sekemoto lives in a world where there has been an epidemic (I think?) and the story takes place 60 years afterwards. The world has literally been taken over by vampires, and humans have to choose between serving the vampires by letting them feed from their blood, or they have to be Unregistered, which basically means you live on the streets.

Allison is an Unregistered, kickass girl who is literally just trying to survive one more day. She spends her time with her group, but she is not emotionally attached to any of them–they are basically allies, so if something life-threatening happens, noone’s really going to care for the other. They live on the streets and they try to find food for each other.

Another note: there’s no food for the Unregistereds. If you get caught stealing food, the vampires and their “pets” get killed. Finally, another downside of this dystopian world are the “rabids” which are basically zombies. If they bite you, you turn into one.

If you couldn’t understand, Allison has a lot of #### to deal with. Since I don’t want to spoil you, I won’t get into the plot any further, but if that interests you, I recommend you pick this book up. It really takes a unique spin on vampires, as this is the first time I read a book that has vampires in the future. (I wouldn’t shelve this as paranormal for this reason–its dystopian with a spin)

As for my thoughts on the book, I thought this was a really different read that I would highly recommend for people who are tired of reading the same, repetitive dystopian novels. I thoroughly enjoyed almost everything about this book, except for the fact that sometimes I wished it was shorter, but this wasn’t a main problem. It was action-packed, their was romance but it wasn’t overwhelming, and it was full of kickassery.

I will probably be continuing on with this series in the future, and I hope you do too! (PICK IT UP IF YOU HAVEN’T READ IT, THIS BOOK DESERVES MORE HYPE!)

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