Important Update: Username Change to @aloofbooks!

Hey guys! For a long time I’ve been wanting to change my old username, @infinitebooooks to something more unique, more original. When I first made my bookstagram, I wanted my account name to be “infinitebooks” but unfortunately that was taken and I needed to add some o’s to get a username.

Of course, with more o’s in the name, it doesn’t sound as original and unique as I wanted it to. For a long time I was trying to find a nice username that didn’t use an overuse of periods, underscores, or extra letters. Today I was just thinking about how my parents say I’m always “aloof” whenever I’m reading and I realized–it sounds really nice next to books!

And so that’s how I came up with this username. I really like how cute it sounds, and it also has a meaning behind it, since my parents always call me aloof. However, since all of my social medias were “infinitebooooks” its going to take a while to edit everything, so please bare with me as I change up a few things. (For example, my email address is still going to stay as )

As I said on my Instagram, in the meantime I would really appreciate it if you guys let others know about my username change. Thank you so much,

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