An Ember In The Ashes by Sabaa Tahir | Spoiler-Free Review

I finished reading this book yesterday, and here’s what I posted on Goodreads! Note that this is not that much of a review, rather why it was effing awesome.

This is the picture I posted of it on my Instagram, which you can see the beautiful cover of.

ALSO, you can buy it from Amazon here, and check out the Goodreads synopsis here.

You know that feeling, when you’re reading such a good book, that you savor each and every page, each and every word, each and every letter? Well, that’s what happened to me while I was reading this book. I savored each and every freaking letter of it, and I am so delighted with how much I loved it.

What to start with….what to start with. See, I don’t even know what to write about this book. I just finished it like five minutes ago, and my heart is pounding in my chest from all that happened. It’s just that good .

Mmmmm. I feel like I just ate the best food in my life. Fulfilled. Satisfied. Happy. That’s how this book made me feel. The thing is, I just can’t describe it. You just have to go and read it yourself. But I will say somethings that made me love this so much.

First of all, the whole idea and plot of this book was awesome. It was unique and refreshing. Reading it made me remember why I love fantasy so much. It never bored me, and I was able to get hooked from page one. I loved all of the terminology that came with this book, and how it was set in a world kind of like the Roman empire. I also loved how the author had put a lot of ties to Middle Easter culture. Dunno know if you realized, but I did, as a Turkish-American.

Another part I loved were the characters. Ahhhhhh. THE CHARACTERS. Laia is a kickass, fantastic protagonist. She’s not annoying, and her character develops SO much until the end of the book. She’s made it onto my favorite characters list.

Then there’s Elias. I have two words: HOT DAYUMMMMMMM. This guy, guys. My god. I’m going to drool all over my keyboard because this guy. I can’t even say anything. Besides his gorgeous looks and bravery, his character also develops so much. So good guys. This book is so good.

And there’s a bunch of other stuff that this book has that I just loved. Although this novel didn’t answer all of my questions about the book, the mythology, and the backstory behind some of the characters, I’m still so damn proud of Sabaa Tahir. I’m freaking proud of the author for writing such a fantastic book. I absolutely can not wait for the sequel, and I hope it does not let me down because this has now become one of my all time favorites and I will treasure it, the characters in it, the quotes in it, and everything about it for a long time to come.

As a closing sentence, if you haven’t read this yet, believe the hype, guys. Believe the hype.

Rating: 5 #emberlicious stars.

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