The Fill-In Boyfriend by Kasie West | My {short} Thoughts In Checklist Form

Hey guys! Since I didn’t want to write a real review for this book, I decided to write a short thing like this. Hope you enjoy, because it was so fun and easy to write! 🙂

Check out the actual synopsis on Goodreads here, and buy it from Amazon here. Here’s the book cover: (cute, right? I normally don’t like covers like these, but I really like the colors and the font of the cover on this one)

And here it is;

I just finished this right now, AND THE CUTENESS MAN. THE CUTENESS.

Here’s like a short rating of all the things in this book: (since I won’t be actually reviewing it)

» Original Plot (for a contemporary novel): 98%
»Cuteness and Fluff: 200%
»Sarcasm: 87%
»Annoying Protagonist: 68% (kinda annoying)
»Character Development: 92%
»Happy Feels: 110%

Do I recommend this to you? YES. YES-YES-YES-YES-YES.

Actual rating: 4.5 stars.

This is the picture I posted on my Instagram while I was reading it. 🙂

And here’s another picture (that I haven’t yet posted) with two fluffy, cute beanie babies. (Just like the book itself!)

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