Pushing The Limits by Katie McGarry | Spoiler-Free Review!

I finished Pushing The Limits a few days ago, and I decided I might as well write a review on it! Le cover (click on it to be led to the Goodreads page)

This can also be found on my Goodreads, but here it is:

Actual rating: 3.8 stars. I think. Not sure. (So around 75%)

As a brief summary/synopsis, I’ll give you this: basically, this books is about Echo and Noah. Obviously, they become a couple throughout the story, but they are individually very troubled. Both of them have family problems–I won’t be getting into details because spoilers–but Echo used to be very popular, until something traumatic happened to her, and Noah lives with foster parents. You can probably guess as to how they act because of these reasons. (There are more, but these are just the main ones)

At the beginning of the story, Echo is in charge of tutoring Noah, and yes, they fall in love. However, the main plot isn’t only romance–it deals with a lot of family issues, depression, etc. (Also: slight trigger warning for cutting?)

If you guys have been my friends on here for a while, you probably know that I can’t do summaries. They just don’t go with me, so if you want to learn more, just read the Goodreads synopsis. Anyways, lets get into what I liked:

*How not everything about this book was the romance: A lot of times, in YA contemporary novels, the only issues the main characters deal with are their own love interests. And this is generally annoying, because that’s not how it is in real life. A lot of this book was romance, but then again, not all of it was and I appreciated that.

*Another aspect I really enjoyed was how screwed up the characters were: I know that sounds kinda weird, but I enjoyed how the characters were relatable because of their flaws. They were lovable because of their flaws. (does that make any sense?)

*Noah’s brothers, because they were so cute *squeals*

*The ending with the character development: throughout the novel, Echo and Noah grow a lot and come to accept who they are and what they will become. I also thought this was probably the best aspect of the story. 🙂

*I just enjoyed the book in general, though I do have to say I have quite a few things that I didn’t enjoy (but they were minor, since I’m still giving this book 4 stars)

On to what I didn’t like:

*When the book first started, though it wasn’t directly instalove, Noah had an IMMEDIATE attraction to Echo. And that’s fine. I mean, we all like how others look, am I right? But I kind of felt like Noah’s “love” for Echo progressed too quickly. Thankfully not too quickly, because then I would have hated it, but I would have appreciated it if there was more time before he actually fell for her.

*The annoyance of the characters. I can literally summarize the overall actions of the characters like this:

1) Noah: Damn, that girl is hot.
2) Echo: He’s so freaking annoying…but attractive.
3) Echo: I’m depressed
4) Noah: I want my brothers.
5) Echo: I’m depressed. What’s going on? I want to remember my past.
6) Noah: WOAH, her boobs tho. (literally, half the time he was staring at her boobs in the beginning of the novel)
7) Noah: I think I’m falling for her.
8) Echo: I’m starting to like him…
10) Noah: I want my brothers back

And so on, so forth.


Anyways, that’s pretty much it for this review. As a summary of my thoughts, I enjoyed this book, but I didn’t think it lived SO much up to the hype. Had I went into this without all of the hype surrounding it, I think I would have enjoyed it much better. At the moment I don’t know if I’ll continue on with this series, but who knows? If I’m in a contemporary mood, I might.

Percentage rating: 75%, so rounded up to four stars on Goodreads

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