The Frustration of Not Being Able To Buy Books: A Discussion

I think the title of this post is pretty obvious, but this post is a discussion about the frustration of not being able to buy a book. Now, I have plenty of different reasons for not being able to buy books, and I’m pretty sure many other booknerds can relate. Here are ones that I can think of right now:

  • Having no money for buying books–your broke. This is a major problem for me because I am not an adult, and I don’t have a job. My parents won’t let me babysit and stuff, and the only money I do have is from my monthly allowance (which is only 20$) and holiday money, which I only get yearly and I don’t want to spend it. 😦
  • My parents won’t take me to the bookstore or Target or somewhere where books are sold. This is probably what I am most annoyed by. Why? Even if I have the money to buy books, I can’t. I can’t, because I CAN’T DRIVE. For example, for the past two weeks, I’ve literally been begging my mom to take me to a bookstore, but no. Its not working, and I feel like whining because I JUST WANT MY BOOKS, OK? Someone please convince her. PLEASE
  • My mom won’t let me buy books. And you know what? I’m going to send the link of this blog post to my mom so that she can read this and see that my annoyance is real. Although I have my money, and my mom says I can use my allowance in any way, after I buy it, or some time, my mom makes the traditional discussion: “You shouldn’t spend money on books you’re only gonna read once, you should read the classics, blah blah blah.” But the things, I could be spending my money on some other things, and it just drives me crazy. So mom, if you’re reading this after I send it to you, PLEASE STOP doing this. Its not going to stop me from buying these books, and its not going to make me read classics. It just makes me more annoyed, and I feel rebellious when I buy books–since you give me the satisfaction of doing something I’m not allowed. See, I’m so desperate I’m posting this on my blog.

And I’m so desperate I had to put a “please” gif.

Of course, there are countless more reasons but these are, in my opinion, the most annoying ones. Does this happen to all of you? (especially ones who aren’t adults) Please let me know because I NEED someone to share my pain. (Yes, mom-if-you-are-reading-this I am in pain)

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3 thoughts on “The Frustration of Not Being Able To Buy Books: A Discussion

  1. Oh I have the same issue as well regarding the parent stuff, they are always like if you have to buy books, buy classics, I can’t make them understand that it’s okay I’m reading a few from that genre but that’s not my favourite stuff to read all the time. But uh..they can’t get it.

    And until the previous month I had the issue about money as well but I started tutoring a few kids (I’m in college), finally my parents allowed it so I’m getting some money to buy 3 books per month but I’m still craving for more which irritates my parents sometimes or eeh, mo2dt of the times.

    I totally understand your situation and I reeeeally hope everything becomes okay for you soonish. Don’t lose hope.


  2. yeah i can totally relate, im 19 turning 20 in one week i dont work im learning french in french course bc im from portugal but im living in canada,quebec. my family here doesnt have a car and the nearest bookstores with a good variety of books in english its in montreal which is what 30m or 1 hour but bus and metro..when i go to montreal its or bc i need to go to the library which its like 1 time a month or less, and the bookstores are far from the library , and besides when i go to the library i always go with my mom and we spend the all afternoon there so after we dont have time to go to bookstores.. so u go only to bookstores when we go shopping in the st Catherine street, the boosktores here are called indigo/chapters (the books are kinda expensive) i only receive books when its a special occasion like my birthday or christmas or when i win a giveaway.. or when i go to the bookstore.. and when i go i usually dont have many or i only have like 20 $ with that i can only buy one book, even is its the less expessive one in here they are 10.99.. and since im portuguese english is not my main language but i cnat buy books in my language bc the shipping its a lot so i only buy books in my language when its my birthday or christmas (i already bought 9 books in portuguese for my birthday and they already arrived).
    another problem to its that i not only collect books but i also collect dolls so u can see where this is going.. :s im always like should i buy this doll or save the many to buy a book when i go to a bookstore…
    one thing i started to do its going to the library and pick up books and if i like them when i have the chance and go to a bookstore i already know which book i want to buy..
    u should do the same try to pick up the books u want to read from the library and then write a list of the books u liked and want to buy so when u go to a bookstore u already know exactly what u want to buy bc at least in my case when i used to go to bookstores im like i want to buy i book but i dont know which one..
    another thing is try to enter in book giveaways.. in blogs,twitter,youtube,instagram.. giveaways where they give a book u want or money for a bookstore..
    another thing u can do its search for websites where u can download free ebooks.. i know a couple of them i can send u the link for them if u want.. i downloaded books really popular and that everybody likes like legend, the unbecoming of mara dyer etc im certain that u can find books that u like
    another thing its audiobooks try to search for an audio book of the book u want to read u can search on YouTube or websites etc 🙂

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  3. Aww I’m so sorry to hear that.I am an adult now but back in my teenage years my mom personally loved the fact that I bought books. she would even drive me once a week to my nearby bookstores and don’t mind me spending a whole day there since she knows how much I love reading.I don’t know what can help you convince your mom to let you buy books but I always believe that communication is key.Tell her how you feel about it. I am not sure I’ve helped but I do understand how you feel.

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