Miss Mayhem by Rachel Hawkins | Spoiler-Free Review & Discussion

Hey guys! Since I have so many reviews to write, I decided I might as well write one for the sequel of Rebel Belle, which I loved. However, though I did enjoy this one, I didn’t end up adoring it as much as its predecessor.

Rating: About 4 ☆s! (With a percentage of around… 80%)

Read about it on Goodreads here, and buy it from Amazon here. Le cover:

This is going to be a spoiler-free review, which means I won’t be getting into any spoilers, including Rebel Belle. But, because of this reason, I also won’t be writing a summary on this, because then I would spoil Rebel Belle. First I’ll get into what I liked about this book:

  • Probably my favorite part: the humor and sarcasm of the main character, Harper. Just like Rebel Belle, Harper was as funny as ever–though I do have to say (which I will get into more details later) she was funnier in the first book.
  • How quickly it flowed; it was easy to read and I didn’t need to think about what I was reading.
  • The writing style

That’s all I can think of right now–I know it doesn’t look like a lot, but that’s not the reason why. It’s just that nothing stood out to me that much.

What I didn’t like:

  • The angsty romance: unlike in Rebel Belle, where Harper was falling in love with David and they had an occasional argument, in this book, I felt like the romance was not as well done. David was constantly being annoying–and Harper was too! I felt like Harper’s voice in this book was a lot less mature than in rebel Belle.
  • There was not really much of a plot. Someone may argue that there was a plot, but rather than the characters being in action and moving the story along (which I like) I felt like the characters were waiting for something to happen. Hence the reason why, although this was so short and easy to read, sometimes I felt bored–nothing really happened.
  • David was annoying. Very. Bee was annoying. Very. Ryan was annoying. Very. Harper was getting annoying. Almost all of the characters frustrated me.
  • And finally, I felt like the “romance” took over most of the plot. I like romance–don’t get me wrong–but in a fantasy/paranormal book, I don’t think it should be the main plot, and that’s what happened in Miss Mayhem.

Honestly, though I enjoyed this book, I was disappointed in it because it could be so much better. I will still read the last book, and I’m excited for it, but I hope it will beat this one.

What were your thoughts on this book? Let me know!

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