Top Ten Tuesday: 10 All Time Favorite Authors | April 21st, 2015

top ten tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme that was created by The Broke and The Bookish. You can find more information about it here. This weeks TTT is…ten of your all-time favorite authors!

Now after a long time of thinking, I decided to split this post into two parts: the first part showing the authors that I have read a lot of books of. (e.g; over four/five), and the second part showing the authors that I have read one or two books from, but I still love. I am doing this because I feel like my opinions may change about the authors I have read less books of in the future, and I should just put it out there. And so, here ya go!

Note: none of these authors are in any particular order, since I love all of their books a lot.

Part I: Authors I’ve read a lot of books from.

1. Rick Riordan: The author of the Percy Jackson & Olympians Series, The Kane Chronicles, and The Heroes of Olympus series. Ummmm…How could I not put him on this list? He might as well be my favorite author, ever. He’s the one who got me into reading (five years ago, in 3rd grade), he got me into fandoms, he got me into everything I care for now. So of course, Rick Riordan. Plus, PERCABETH IS THE ULTIMATE SHIP AND ALSO CALEO AHHHHH MY FEELS AND NOSTALGIA.

(I’ve read over 13 of his books)

2. Cassandra Clare: The author of the Infernal Devices trilogy and The Mortal Instruments series, aka the Shadowhunter world. How could I not put her on this list? She’s the creator of WILL FREAKING HERONDALE. (The love of my life, as well as Percy)

(I’ve read about 9 of her books)

3. Jennifer L. Armentrout: Author of The Dark Elements trilogy, The Lux series, and many, many more. I swear, this woman is a crazy writing motor. No joke there. She’s awesome: she publishes at least two books per year, and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF HER BOOKS IS FAN-EFFING-TASTIC. I LOVE all of them, and none of them have disappointed me. Also, she creates the most swoon-worthy guys ever. (I’m talking about Daemon Black and Roth here) ❤ ❤ ❤ *drools*

(I’ve read 7 of her books)

4. Veronica Roth: I know this is kinda like a cliche answer, since Divergent has become really mainstream now, but she still remains as one of my favorite authors–although maybe more of because the sentimental value of her books rather than the books themselves. Do you get what I mean? Of course, I loved Divergent, but there are many other good books, and the rest of the series isn’t that awesome. But since this lady brought me back into reading/fandoms, she is on here.

(I’ve read four of her books, so basically all of them)

5. Marie Lu: the author of the Legend trilogy and The Young Elites. I know I’ve kinda only read three books of hers, but the Legend trilogy is one of my favorites, and I love all of her characters. Plus, she only has four books out, and I plan on reading TYE soon, so…

Now on to Part II: authors I’ve read only one/two books of.

6. Laini Taylor: author of The Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy. I’ve only read two of her books in the DoSaB trilogy, but damn, those two books were awesome. They’re now my part of my all time favorites, so Laini Taylor definitely deserves her place in this list.

7. Marissa Meyer: author of the Lunar Chronicles. I’ve only read Cinder, but I absolutely adored everything about it. (I’m actually about to start Scarlet!) I’m pretty sure that I am going to love all of her series, so I added her on this list too. 🙂

8. Jennifer Niven: author of All The Bright Places, aka my all time favorite contemporary novel. I LOVED ATBP, and although it is Jennifer’s only YA novel, she’s still up here because…because it was so lovely. (People who have read this book will understand my reference)

I just realized this post became extremely long, so the next few I won’t be explaining much.

9. Leslye Walton: author of The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender. Only read her one book, absolutely loved it, beautiful, ASDHGJSLKDJLASJ. Just read it. There’s a reason she’s on this list.

10. Rick Yancey: author of The 5th Wave trilogy. Haven’t yet read anything else other then The 5th Wave, but its one of my all time favorites (again) so….

Anyways, that’s it for this one today! Of course I have more authors I like (Stephanie Perkins, Richelle Mead, Marie Rutkoski, etc. but these are my all time favorite authors) Who are your favorite authors? Let me know!


Silanur ❤


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