The Sin Eater’s Daughter by Melinda Salisbury | Review

(This is the same as the review I posted on Goodreads)

*Le sigh*

This book, this book had so much potential. But did it live up to what I wanted? Obviously, no.


Also, this is actually more of a 2.8 rating. Sadly, its the worst book I read so far this year. Now don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t COMPLETELY terrible, as I enjoyed parts of it, but there was more I disliked than liked.

HERE’S MY REAL REVIEW: (I’ll warn you when I get into the spoilers)

Okay, so let’s just start off with what this book is about. If you are going to read this book, I would actually go into without knowing much, other than the fact that the main character is the Sin Eater’s daughter. Hence the title. Oh, and you should know that the annoying main character, Twylla, has a poisonous touch.

Now I know, at this point, I bet this is what you’re thinking: That sounds like Shatter Me.

But believe me, it is nothing like Shatter Me. Sure, I’m not a huge fan of Shatter Me, which I read just last week, but it was much, much better than this (I gave it solid four stars). The only two similarities in these books are that the main characters are annoying (but at least in Shatter Me Juliette gets better towards the end) and that the main character’s have a lethal touch.

Yep, that’s it.

Twylla lives in the castle with the king and queen and prince, because she’s something called Daunen Embodied, or Goddess Embodied. You’ll learn what that is if you read it, or if you read my spoiler section of this review. Which I actually recommend more than reading the real book, because the more I think about this, the more I dislike it.

She’s planned to marry the prince of Lormere, which is the kingdom she lives in, but of course she doesn’t want to. Blah blah blah. Whatever. I really don’t feel like giving a description of this book, so you might as well go and read the synopsis itself.

ANYWHOOO (Yes, I say anywhoo instead of anyhow)

These are the things that I enjoyed about this book:

*The plot twists. I won’t say what they are, but there were a lot of them in this book. Now, despite the fact that there were a lot of “plot twists”, which I did enjoy, a majority of them I saw coming and when I did learn them, I wasn’t surprised. Nonetheless, they were probably my favorite part of the book, though even they couldn’t increase my rating.

Practically nothing else. Not that I hated everything else about this book, but most of this book just seemed so…bland. I felt like I had read this book before, and I just couldn’t help but judge it with books that are much better than this one. So, let’s get into the things that I did NOT enjoy. (This list will be much longer, I promise.)

*The romance and the “love triangle”. So first of all, the “love triangle” wasn’t even a love triangle, it kind of was, and it kind of wasn’t. I’m still not sure what the author was trying to do. But either way–


Please excuse the profanity.

Yea, so lets continue with the “romance”. Again, avoiding spoilers, so I won’t say who the romance/half-but-not-really-crappy-love-triangle was with, but it was quite annoying. The characters didn’t really directly fall in love, but it felt like Insta-love, and after Twylla made the declaration of her love, I felt like things progressed to quickly. Like she told her love interest that she loved him, and then BAM, they start kissing and get into bed.


Oh, and here’s another part that I just HATED of the romance and because of Twylla’s stupidity (SPOILER ALERT): (view spoiler)

*Another point I would like to make: I never connected to any of the characters, and I was never attracted to any of them either. I didn’t feel anything for them, and for me, not feeling any of the characters means there’s no point of the story. Nope.

*FREAKING ANNOYING TWYLLA: Yes, Twylla was annoying. Very. And the thing is, I don’t have a really big problem with annoying protagonists. Well I do, but if there is character development towards the end of the book, I’m usually okay with it. But Twylla never got any better. When I thought she would get better, she just ruined it all over again, and even said it herself HOW BAD OF A PERSON SHE IS. LOOK HERE’S THE QUOTE FROM THE BOOK WITHOUT SPOILING YOU:

“I was greedy, and I was selfish, and I hid it behind a mask of pious duty and resignation the job I had to do.” (Pg. 264) See? Even she herself knows how annoying she is.

*This isn’t necessarily a point I disliked, but I sure as hell was annoyed by it: I hated how this book just was in the middle. It was fantasy, but it wasn’t at the same time. The romance was there, but I didn’t like it. The main character could be nice, but generally she wasn’t. There were plot twists, but I wasn’t amazed by them. I feel like the story was just underdeveloped.

For one thing, the first 200 pages of the book had no plot. Like literally, there was no plot. And I understand its supposedly high fantasy, but this isn’t a 500-600 paged book. Its only 312 pages, which means that if there is going to be world-building, it should be in the first 100 pages since the book is so short. And even after two thirds of the book, there still was no real plot. The main character kinda just rolled with it, and she wasn’t a rebel.

I know this was a really bad review, as it was just all mixed and confusing and not neat, but here are my final thoughts:

I wanted a high fantasy that would intrigue me. I got a short book with no real plot. I wanted a kick-###, rebel main character. I got a coward, annoying protagonist. I wanted swoon-worthy romance, with attractive guys. I got an almost love triangle with a somewhat insta-love. I wanted to love this book. And guess what I got? I liked this book. But I mostly disliked it.


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