The Nova Teen Book Festival 2015 | My Thoughts

So about a  week ago, I was lucky enough to go to the Nova Teen Book Festival, where many authors came! Although I wanted to get more books signed by authors I hadn’t read from, all of the books were sold out so I couldn’t get them. But I still got three of my books signed by three wonderful authors! (Along with a bunch of awesome goodies, which I will get into detail later)

The first author I met was Jennifer Niven, the beautiful author of the beautiful book, All The Bright Places

I talked with her, and told her that I was the one who posted a picture of ATBP on Instagram, saying that I was so excited to meet her at the NTBF. And she remembered me! (BTW, you should totally read this book. Its literally my new favorite book, but beware–it’ll make you cry!)

I also got some awesome stuff from Jennifer Niven, such as:

*An All The Bright Places marker

*All The Bright Places post it notes

*ATBP bookmark

And of course, I got my book signed and personalized:

This is all the stuff I got relating to All The Bright Places.

This is all the stuff I got relating to All The Bright Places.

And, I got to sign Jennifer’s book! You know how fans make authors sign books? Well, Jennifer made all her FANS sign her book! (At the time I met her, I was still reading her

book, so I wrote I LOVE your book so far–Silanur)

Here’s me and Jennifer Niven:

Displaying IMG_0277.JPG

(I know, I know. I look really weird and excited. But believe me, it was so hot in there. I was burning in that coat, and I was nervous because it was the first time I met an author and got to talk to her.)

And here is me while I was talking to her:

Displaying IMG_0276.JPG

(And a lady with her red purse… :D)

The second author I got to meet was Rachel Hawkins, who was super hilarious! Since my copy of Rebel Belle is all tabbed with all of the parts I laughed at, she took a picture of it and posted it on Instagram! (This is what she posted) THATS SO COOL, I FEEL SO HONORED YOU DONT EVEN KNOW.

(This is from Iconosquare, that's why the background is black and stuff) That's my book!

(This is from Iconosquare, that’s why the background is black and stuff)
That’s my book!

I hope the picture shows!

Also, I got a Rebel Belle poster *signed* and I got to take a picture with Rachel Hawkins…

Displaying IMG_0278.JPG

Again, I look really weird here. Probably out of excitement.

And finally, I got to meet Marie Rutkoksi. I originally wanted to buy The Winner’s Crime at the festival, but it was sold out so I just got a bookplate signed. (So I’ll just stick the bookplate into my copy of The Winner’s Crime when I buy it)

Marie Rutkoski, like all the other authors, was so sweet! She asked me the meaning of my name, Silanur, which is a Turkish name, and I explained her what it meant. She said she might steal my name for a character and I just nodded and said “That would be awesome!” but inside, I was giddy.

This is me and Marie Rutkoski:

Displaying IMG_0280.JPG

*Ugliness still continues* *cringes at the sight of my face*

…And that’s it! I wanted to meet more authors and get more books to sign, but all of the books I wanted to sign were sold out so I just met these wonderful authors. I loved the NTBF, and can’t wait to go next year! WOOOHOOOO!!!
Also, I got a poster signed by V.E. Schwab although she wasn’t there, so that’s a plus. 😉

–Silanur ❤


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