Top Ten Tuesday | Top Ten Favorite Heroines

Hello, fellow blog readers! This is my entry for the Top Ten Tuesday meme, hosted by the Broke and Bookish. You can find more information on what is about on their blog.

So I have a lot of favorite heroines, but to start the list, I am going with my all time favorite heroine (the rest are in no particular order, only this one beats the rest)

1. Annabeth Chase (Percy Jackson & The Olympians and The Heroes of Olympus)

I mean, how could I not choose the prettiest, smartest, and most kick-butt heroine who dates Percy Jackson?

2. Tris Prior (Divergent)

I know many people do not like Tris, but in my opinion, she is a wonderful heroine who–although may not be very exemplary, is selfless and brave.

3. Clary Fray/Morgenstern (The Mortal Instruments)

Again, I know a lot of people do not like Clary as a main character–they say she is too annoying, but in my opinion, Clary is the most clever character I have read about. She knows what to do right at the moment, and as an awesome artist.

4. Tessa Gray (The Infernal Devices)

I just LOVE this fan art. Anyways, Tessa is also kick-butt and awesome and smart–and she loves to read (which I could relate to so much while reading The Infernal Devices). So yea, Tessa. Plus, Will Herondale. And James Carstairs. You know what I am talking about if you have read this series!

5. Katy from The Lux Series

I couldn’t find any fan art of Katy alone, but Katy is one of my favorite heroines, too. Snarky, sarcastic, and bookish, Katy is a wonderful character’s point of view to read from!

6. Karou from Daughter of Smoke and Bone

I don’t want to say anything about Karou to avoid spoilers, but she definitely earned her place on this list, for various reasons.

7. June Iparis (Legend trilogy)

OOOHHHH PRETTY FAN ART. And I mean, June accomplished so many things at such a young age, so once again, she deserves her place on this list too.

8. Cassie (The 5th Wave)

Cassie doesn’t have much fan art either, but she is one of my favorite heroines although I haven’t read the second book in this series yet.

9. Layla from The Dark Elements

Layla literally doesn’t have any fan art, but like Katy, she is freakin’ HILARIOUS! (Just like all of Armentrout’s characters) So yea, I love her (like a friend.)

10. Nora from Hush, Hush

I chose this fan art because it is just so cute. ❤ And I know many people despise the Hush Hush saga, but it is one of my favorite series…so…and Nora is one of my favorite heroines, too. 🙂

And that’s my list! Of course there are many other heroines that are awesome out there (such as Celaena from Throne of Glass, Isabelle Lightwood, and Cinder from The Lunar Chronicles) but these are my favorites!

Thanks for reading! Who are your favorite heroines? Let me know down below!

–Silanur ❤


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